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1 - Who's running?

2 - Voting recommendations

3 - Why a slate?

4 - Some current articles


* Links to more election information
• The I-Team: radiopoetics.org
• KPFA Voices For Justice: voicesforjusticeradio.googlepages.com
• Concerned Listeners For KPFA: concernedlisteners.org


Listen to the on air candidate forums:

See EVENTS page for list of who who speaks when

1- August 22nd, 2007, 8:00-10:00pm
2- October 8th, 2007, 8:00-10:00pm

3- Saturday, November 3rd, 10:00am-12:00
4- Saturday, November 10th, 10:00am-12:00

November 4, 2007, 7 pm - Live Meet the Candidates Forum (see EVENTS)

berkeleydailyplanet.com - look for Commentaries & letters

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1 Who's running?

People’s Radio
Richard Phelps - incumbent
Stan Woods - incumbent
Attila Nagy - incumbent
Gerald Sanders
David Heller
Bob English
Mara Rivera

I Team
Joe Wanzala - incumbent
Chandra Hauptman - incumbent
Tracy Rosenberg
Steve Conley -

Voices for Justice
CC Campbell-Rock
Carl Bryant
Sureya Sayadi
Steve Zeltzer -

Concerned Listeners - NO NO !
Sherry Gendelman - incumbent NO NO!
Matthew Hallinan
Susan McDonough
Warren Mar
Antonio Medrano
Dianne Enriquez
Paul Robins
John Van Eyck

Jim Weber - NO NO!

There were many election violations & other tainted procedures associated with this election. Please see the new "Election to be Voided ?" page for more information

2 Voting recommendations

First, do not vote for any of the Concerned Listeners. That slate does not believe in an empowered LSB which holds and acts on different positions than insider staff and current management. We know this from their sponsors, their literature, their allies, and their participation in the LSB this past year.

In their literature are the buzzwords "micromanaging", "professionalism", "civility".

Micromanaging and professionalism refer to not getting involved in programming, but leaving it to staff! Two misconceptions here are that the LSB gets involved in programming details, which it does not - that is for the Program Council - and that it should not concern itself with programming - but it it has a mandate in the Bylaws to oversee it. The station is about programming, and the staff can't be the only ones making these decisions, because they have a conflict of interest. We will never be the "voice for the voiceless" without a strong and democratic program council with listener representatives and a collaborative Program Director.
The station is not the staff, it is the entire community! [See

On civility -we are accused of being rude, disruptive, etc, but in fact disruption comes mostly from the "other side", which tries to block the LSB from making any decisions.We are also for civility, but think of the phrase "No justice, no peace" - and not as a threat, but as a statement of fact! Those in favor of the status quo would like us silent and non-challenging, as they are, but we are struggling to make democratic decisions.

Some of CR's support comes from the Wellstone Democratic Party, which believes in the formation of a progressive force within the Democratic Party - a worthy project, perhaps, but we have been characterized by them as crazy radicals who are about to take over the station. A statement from one Wellstoner that we who backed the Greens & Peace & Freedom were responsible for the reelection of Bush!- a charge deconstructed by Jim Hightower, after the 2000 elections. However, not until recently has the station given air time to third parties such as the Greens and the Peace & Freedom Party. We must give a voice to other movements on the left.

Most of their candidates are not conversant with KPFA politics and have little perspective on it, and that seems deliberate. Those of us who know our station's recent history, and recent issues. understand what is going on below the radar, but we have been called the "greyhaired" and "new faces" have been called for - and we need them and have some in some roles, but we definitely need our memory, understanding, and committment!

Also, many of their endorsers are similarly ignorant about what they are endorsing!

Jim Weber is an associate of theirs, but not running on their slate - he makes scurrilous attacks on our side, totally non-factual, and continually reverses who is for democracy and who did what.

Of the 3 other slates of course we recommend ours, believing that we have the best balance between adherence to the defense of democracy, transparency, and accountability on the one hand, born of an informed analysis of the situation, and effective strategies on the other.
Please vote for all our candidates, but we recommend you vote for our candidates roughly in the order shown above, favoring the incumbents, because in our STV voting the order is of key importance.
Our incumbents are very experienced in LSB governance and we'd like them to continue their work.

The other 2 slates are our allies and we don't wish to discourage votes for them, as we are mostly in agreement and we share the urgent objective to defeat the Concerned Listeners, who lack concern for the listeners.
Of course we have opinions about their different members, but in the interests of unity, need to deemphasize these.


We formed a slate so that voters could identify those candidates who support democratic governance and progressive programming at KPFA. As in local and national elections, people need to know what candidates stand for, besides "who they are". A slate has a platform, so you know what we stand for. See our Ten Points on our Home page. Personal qualifications are useful only in the service of appropriate goals..

Why then do some people look upon slates as a bad thing?
*Fear that candidates will be puppets of a slate rather than people using their native judgement for deciding what to support, what to oppose?

We who are affiliated with People's Radio are doing so because we have thought out our positions. As people who are against the the status quo, we're not currying favor with authorities, nor are we looking for a predetermined agenda or free ride support for our campaigns.
We have used our long and direct experience with KPFA governance to arrive at our opinions and will continue to use our own individual intelligence and powers of observation to arrive at our positions.
We joined this slate because we believe KPFA cannot be viable and committed without shared decision making which includes listeners and their representatives.
This has been a hard struggle at KPFA and we know that in unity there is strength.

*Are slates divisive? Uncompromising?
We want open, truthful, civil discussions among differing points of view. We have found that those protecting their privilege try to obstruct this.
Of course in a democracy we all will have to make compromises, but we do not compromise our station's mission or democratic functioning away!

We hope you won't either.


A few of the articles currently circulating - keep checking back for more, plus more commentary!


*Gregory Wonderwheel condemns the interin Executive Director's partisan statement against People's Radio candidates, and follows it with the iED's original letter. Skip down from his blog comment to see it. wonderwheels.blogspot.com/2007/10/0pen-letter-to-dan-siegel-re-kpfa.htm
This article is now posted to the Election to be Voided page.

*Carol Spooner condemns it also, and recommends voting for People's Radio candidates after her favorites (we are asking for you to vote for us first, as first votes carry much more weight).

> Hello Again,
. . . . . . . . We fought a long hard fight to win democratic elections for KPFA's station board. One of the most important reasons for that was so that listeners could be informed by the candidates of the issues and problems and their proposed solutions. Imagine, if back in 1999 we had had the ability to communicate with all the members and to elect -- and recall -- the board of directors (through our elected delegates on the LSB).

In 1999 Pacifica silenced its critics, fired them, took them off the air, arrested them, put in armed guards at KPFA, boarded up the station and piped in music from Houston.

Today, * supposedly *, the candidate's have the right to lay it out as they see it, and the voters have the ability to contact the candidates (those who give contact information) and ask questions and make up their minds who to vote for. This isn't perfect, but it is a hell of a lot more than we had back in 1999 when we had to ask the California Attorney General for permission to sue to remove the Pacifica board of directors.

I say * supposedly * because Pacifica's current interim Executive Director is now trying to silence a group of candidates for the KPFA LSB and to prejudice the election against them for their revelation of certain issues of real interest to the KPFA membership. Based on complaints from KPFA's interim management and members of the "Concerned Listeners" slate of candidates for the KPFA LSB, all of the KPFA listener candidates' statements have been removed from the"official" Pacifica elections web page at www.pacificaelections.org
[I have just learned that they will soon be reposted with the names of persons mentioned in the statements deleted. That will certainly make them far less helpful to voters in deciding how to vote.] In addition, the interim Executive Director has posted an "Open Letter to the Pacifica Community" on the KPFA Elections web page at http://lsb.kpfa.org/lsb-elections/2007-lsb-elections/lsb-elections-2007 in which he characterizes as "abusive" and "hateful speech" the statements of "a group of candidates running for the KPFA local board" whose statements, Siegel says, "contain little more than personal attacks on their opponents and station staff." He has also conflated the KPFA "Peoples Radio" candidates statements with a racially inflammatory statement made by a WBAI candidate, and has wrapped them all up in the same stinky fish-wrap.

[In addition, and on a related note, the interim Executive Director has delayed a mailer from going out in support of a group of candidates at WBAI in New York so that the mailing will not reach the voters until a week after the ballots have arrived -- contrary to the requirements of California non-profit law that the Foundation must make the mailing list available in a timely manner for such communications with the membership.]

* First *, Pacifica management and staff are not permitted to make prejudicial statements about the candidates. They are not permitted to use Pacifica resources (including web pages) to the advantage or disadvantage of any candidate or group of candidates.

* Secondly *, the "Peoples" Radio" slate candidates' statements cannot by any standard be characterized as "hate speech" or "abusive" or "personal attacks." They are not attacks on anyone's character. They and actions of other candidates and the station manager and program director with regard to the station and the LSB. Vigorous debate about these things is a proper purpose of the elections forum, so that the membership can make informed decisions when you vote.

It is true that in September 2005 Brian Edwards-Tiekert (a staff LSB member currently running for reelection) sent an email to a group of people to schedule a meeting to discuss, among other things, * "dismantling the LSB." * Among those people was Sherry Gendleman (a listener LSB member currently running for re-election on the "Concerned Listeners" slate), Lemlem Rijio (who was then KPFA's Development Director and is now KPFA's interim Station Manager), Sasha Lilley (who was then a producer for "Against The Grain" and is now KPFA's interim Program Director), and Bonnie Simmons (who is a staff LSB member, the current LSB Chair, and an endorser of the "Concerned Listeners" slate of candidates).

This is a matter that should be of concern to the voters. Dismantling the LSB is not the way to get good governance for KPFA and Pacifica. I am glad that the "Peoples Radio" slate chose to publish it in their joint candidates' statements. That email was widely circulated among those close to the station when it first came out, and the fact that it is now a campaign issue should be a surprise to nobody.

It is an outrage that the interim Executive Director is issuing prejudicial statements and taking candidates' statements off the web page. (Apparently he didn't know what was in the candidates' statements before the voter-pamphlets were mailed or he would presumably have tried to censor them and embroiled Pacifica in a costly legal battle that it would have lost).

So, while * I believe more strongly than ever that it is essential that the "I-Team" candidates be elected to serve as a core of civility and sanity on the LSB and a "buffer zone" between the opposing factions *, I also believe it is important to rebuke the Executive Director for his outrageous acts. That can be done by ranking Peoples' Radio slate members after the "I-Team" candidates. This will also preserve some balance on the LSB, as the "Concerned Listeners" hold a majority of the seats that were filled last year and are not up for re-election this year. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

No matter how you vote, please do be sure to vote so the election
makes its 10% quorum. The ballots must be received (not postmarked)
by November 15th.

Thanks, and best regards,
Carol Spooner

KPFA Local Board Member (March 2000-March 2005
Pacifica National Board Member (January 2002-January 2005)
Lead Plaintiff - Listeners Lawsuit to remove the old Pacifica Board
(1999-December 2001)"