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People's Radio is running a slate of candidates for the Local Station Board again this year.

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People's Radio opposed the certification of this very flawed election.
See the Election Voided page for more on this issue.

Our Candidates:

Attila Nagy, LSB member, former Program Council member, LSB Outreach Committee, North Bay For KPFA activist, active in the struggle to democratize bilingual KBBF in Santa Rosa

Bob English
, Coalition for a Democratic Pacifica (CdP), KPFA Outreach Committee, UFW support committee volunteer, union democracy activist, longtime KPFA listener democracy activist

Dave Heller
, Campaign coordinator, Berkeley Measure I (instant runoff voting in Berkeley), Green Party activist, former board member of Californians for Electoral Reform, 9/11 Truth activist

Gerald Sanders, Former LSB member and PNB Director, former LSB Outreach committee, Mumia activist, SF “8” activist, IBEW member, union activist

Mara Rivera, active in KPFA democracy movement since 1993, listener for 40+ years, 28 years worker-owner at Rainbow Grocery Coop, LSB Outreach Committee, anti-war anti-occupation activist

Richard Phelps, LSB member, LSB Chair 10-05 to 12-06, Committee experience: PNB Election and Governance, LSB, Outreach, Programming, Personnel, former AM & FM announcer. Mediator

Stan Woods, LSB member, former Program Council member, Committee experience: PNB Governance, LSB Outreach, ILWU Local 6 member, supporter of the Woodfin Hotel Workers struggle for justice

See our group statement which was published in the Candidates' Booklet

See our answers to the Candidates' Questionnaire

Our Endorsers (in progress)

All organizations listed for identification purposes only.

Dr. Peter Phillips – Project Censored director
Michael Parenti – Author & lecturer
William Mandel - 37 year KPFA foreign affairs commentator/talk show host, author
Peter Camejo – 3 time gubernatorial candidate & Green Party member
The Green Party of Alameda County endorses each of our candidates individually
The Peace & Freedom Party of Alameda County
The Peace & Freedom Party of San Francisco County
The Petaluma Progressives
The Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance

Richard Gage - AIA, Architect, Founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth
Tony Brasunas - Political writer SFChronicle, publishes GarlicandGrass.org political e-journal, manages Civic Ventures websites
[see endorsement statement at GarlicandGrass.org/blog ]
Tony Sustak - Richmond Greens leader
Melvin Dickson - Editor-in-Chief, Black Panther Commemorator Newspaper
Melvin Johnson - Reporter, Black Panther Commemorator Newspaper
Tommi Avicolli-Mecca - queer artist, housing activist

Jack Heyman – ILWU Local 10 Executive Board member rank & file organizer
Jack Ford – Teamsters Local 921 SF Chronicle Truck Drivers former president
Liana Molina – Woodfin Hotels Boycott coordinator
Eva Royal - Cesar Chavez Holiday Committee Chair, former UFW Bay Area Regional Manager/organizer
Alan Benjamin - Delegate to the SF Labor Council for Office and Professional Employees International Union #3

LaVarn Williams – KPFA Local Station Board, Pacific National Board director & Treasurer
Bonnie Faulkner - Host of Guns & Butter, KPFA
Ralph Schoenman & Mya Shone - Hosts of Taking Aim, WBAI
Miguel "Gavilan" Molina
- Host of Flashpoints, La Honda Bajita
Francisco Herrera
– Musician, KPFA Flashpoints contributor
David Janda - KBBF, member of Voces Cruzando Fronteras, photogapher
Ernest Rivera
– SomArts Cultural Center board president
Lisa "Tiny" Gray-Garcia - Editor of Poor Magazine, host of Poor News Network
Daniel Borgstrom - Author, former Marine against the war, KPFA activist www.danielborgstrom.com


People's Radio group statement, from the official KPFA Listener Candidates Booklet

The People’s Radio candidates are doing a collective statement to provide you with information you would not otherwise have to help you understand the crisis at KPFA/Pacifica.For more information, see ./peoplesradio.net

Candidate Richard Phelps

Some of my qualifications for election: LSB member, LSB Chair 10-05 to 12-06, Committees: PNB> Election and Governance, LSB> Outreach, Personnel, former AM & FM radio announcer, 33 year listener/subscriber, peace, labor and social justice activist, attorney/mediator.

The specter of 1999 is upon us again, this time from the inside. Everyone that fought Mary Francis Berry, Lynn Chadwick and the rest of the Hijackers did not do it for the same reason! We at People’s Radio fought the Hijackers, like most of you, to protect and expand the dissemination of alternative ideas, people’s history, progressive politics and alternative culture (our Mission), broadcasting important information and programs that are denied or ignored by the corporate media. For information about the Hijackers see www.peoplesradio.net , archives: Chronology…also see Why did the staff not prevent the corporate raid?

To protect and preserve KPFA/Pacifica, new Bylaws to institutionalize a democratic and transparent process were adopted with provisions to involve our listeners in representative governance of the station and Pacifica. Our listeners donate $4,000,000 a year to run KPFA and deserve input and representation. The new Bylaws have yet to be fully implemented. WHY? Some fought the Hijackers for their own reasons, not putting the Mission first: jobs, airtime, power/ego trips and some new folks have joined them. They pretend to support the Mission while constantly working to consolidate their positions at their station and Pacifica, while undermining the new Bylaws and our Mission. They give lip service to democratic process and fight transparency to keep what they are doing under the listeners’ radar. They seek to gain complete control of their stations and Pacifica to continue the old system of patronage and cronyism in the distribution of jobs, airtime and decision making that led to the crisis of the late 1990s.

There is a separate group at each station working toward such dominance. Their politics are not always the same and yet their representatives on the Pacifica National Board (PNB) colluded to continue their power. This keeps Pacifica from addressing the information needs of the people fighting corporate domination. Some PNB members block the use of the power of the PNB to overrule the tyranny of the majority when stations ignore our Mission, violate our bylaws and the basic principles of due process and transparency.

Peoples Radio candidates will collectively use our candidates’ space to let you know what this looks like at KPFA, information that some don’t want you to know. You ask, “Why should I believe there is a group dedicated to the pre-Democratic Bylaws patronage and cronyism?” Read the statement of Gerald Sanders to see the powerful evidence that answers this question. It exposes what certain “leaders” at KPFA really think about democracy, transparency and accountability!

Candidate Gerald Sanders

Some of my qualifications for election: Former LSB member and Pacifica Director, former LSB Outreach committee, Mumia activist, SF “8” activist, IBEW member.

Part 2, continued from Phelps: Fortunately for all of us this anti-democracy group that runs KPFA allowed us to get our hands on a very revealing e-mail from Brian Edwards-Tiekert to their group. It exposes what they really think, different from their public spin.
[Emphases added.]

From:"Brian Edwards-Tiekert"
To:"Lemlem Tekle", "Bonnie Simmons", LisaRothman@kpfa.org
CC:"Sasha Lilley", "Lemlem Tekle",
mawu_mama37@yahoo.com, "Amelia Gonzalez-Garcia", Rain
Geesler", "Sherry Gendelman", "Gary Niederhoff"
Subject:Re: budget
Date:Thu, 1 Sep 2005 20:58:28 -0700

I'm up for coffee Saturday—Lisa and I can still meet Tuesday afternoon. Also, we need a general strategy session. How about Tuesday night?

Issues include: How should we be handling the expiration of the union contract—is a strike in order, or is it a really terrible idea?

What's the best way to deal with these layoffs?

Coming up with, and presenting, an alternative budget.

Getting the Roy issue to the national board.

Propping up staff morale.
Strategic retreat on the LSB—how do we make our enemies own the problems that are to come? Alternatively, should we be recalling LSB members/dismantling the LSB? (Emphasis added.)

Dealing with the grievances underway.

Building community support—formation of a labor-community coalition.

Brian Edwards-Tiekert
Staff Representative, Local Station Board, KPFA 94.1FM

For an analysis of this e-mail continue on to Part 3, the statement of Stan Woods.


Candidate Stan Wood

Some of my qualifications for election: Current LSB member, former Program Council member, Committees: PNB Governance, LSB Outreach, ILWU Local 6 member, Woodfin Hotel Workers supporter.

Part 3, continued from Sanders: Brian Edwards-Tiekert’s e-mail in part 2 was found at KPFA in September 2005. It has been acknowledged as authentic by the author. Richard Phelps has contacted in person or by e-mail everyone but one on that list to ask them if they were just recipients of the e-mail that suggested, “dismantling the LSB,” and other revealing topics or were they active participants. None of them have denied active participation. This e-mail was sent after the LSB voted down a motion to fire the former GM for sexual harassment. It was voted down 15-5. Four of the five votes for firing came from this e-mail group despite no evidence of sexual harassment found after two separate investigations. It was an attempt to fire a GM that wouldn’t toe their line. The GM had decided to move Democracy Now! to prime time at 7 a.m. Pushing for this unjust firing lost them the majority on the LSB, thus their need for a strategic retreat that included “dismantling the LSB.” Based on this unprincipled strategy, something People’s Radio would never consider, we refer to these folks as the “dismantlers”.

Who are the members of this secret group? Lemlem is Lemlem Rijio, Interim General Manager (IGM). At that time she was Development Director, a management position. She was discussing with staff and LSB members in a secret group: “is a strike in order”, “propping up staff morale” and “dismantling the LSB”, etc. What’s wrong with this picture? A small, private clique of management and staff discussing such things! The IGM is a non-voting member of the LSB. She is scheduled to give a report and answer questions at each monthly meeting. She seldom attends and in her last appearance she referred to Pacifica’s Bylaws as “your Bylaws”. Brian Edward-Tiekert is a paid staff LSB member and LSB Treasurer. When this e-mail was exposed Brian retaliated by complaining to the union that it was violating his rights to organize. The union filed a Charge with the National Labor Relations Board, Oakland Case 32-CA-22321. It cost the station approximately $3,000.00 in attorneys fees to defend this bogus Charge. How could the “dismantlers” be privately discussing union business with management and non-union staff? Continued at Bob English.

Candidate Bob English

Some of my qualifications: Coalition for a democratic Pacifica, KPFA Outreach Committee, Union Democracy activist, UFW supporter.

Part 4, continued from Woods. Sasha Lilley is the Interim Program Director (IPD). She is “dismantling” one of the stations oldest democratic institutions, the Program Council, composed of staff, listeners and LSB members. In 2004 she stated, “The Bylaws are a disaster”. This year she warned programmers that they couldn’t encourage people to attend peace marches, a direct violation of programmers’ rights to free speech. Sherry Gendelman is a listener LSB representative who votes with the Concerned Listeners. She has publicly stated that she thinks an appointed board would be better and she, along with Brian and Sasha have made it clear that they want the Program Council to change to advisory only.

Lisa Rothman, former staff LSB, no longer with KPFA, was the executive producer of the Morning Show. She led the fight to keep Democracy Now! from being moved to prime time, 7-8 a.m., so the Morning Show could stay there despite the great disparity in popularity, content and energy. People’s Radio supported the time change. No one advocated dropping the Morning Show, just moving it up an hour. For the history of this go to www.peoplesradio.net, archives: Pro Democracy Letter, written by Robbie Osman and signed by 35 non-dismantler staff. Amelia Gonzalez-Garcia is Public Affairs/Arts Director. Rain Geesler is co-Director of the Apprenticeship program. Gary Niederhoff is Subscriptions Director. Bonnie Simmons is unpaid staff and the current LSB Chair.

In the 2006 LSB election no candidate information was aired for two weeks before the ballots were mailed and more than a week after the ballots arrived. 778 ballots arrived before any candidate information was aired. How many others were in the mail or filled out and ready to mail before the candidate information was aired? We will never know. We do know that Lemlem Rijio, IGM, and a member of the secret group that was discussing “dismantling the LSB”, refused to run candidate information from 10/3 to 10/19. After that she didn’t allow staff to prepare the carts for broadcast for several days. This may not seem to affect the outcome until you realize that the Concerned Listeners (CL) Slate sent a mailing to arrive with the ballots. Some of the money for the mailer was collected at a fundraiser at Conn Hallinan’s house and it was advertised as come meet some staff. Continued at Heller.


Candidate Dave Heller

Some of my qualifications: Campaign coordinator, Berkeley Measure I (instant runoff voting in Berkeley), Green Party activist, former board member of Californians for Electoral Reform.

Part 5, continued from English: The CL mailer combined with the election “gag” imposed by their IGM tilted the election decidedly in the Concerned Listeners favor. The “dismantlers” have taken control of the station and the LSB with the help of the Concerned Listeners. They have the IGM, IPD, and the Directors of all the departments, except engineering. They have the Chair and Treasurer of the LSB. Their allies from CL have the positions of Vice-Chair, Conn Hallinan and Secretary, Tico Chacin. Most boards do not have staff on them due to conflicts of interest. Here, not only do we have that problem but we also have a small faction of the paid staff and management $upporting a listener slate. They only want your money, not your thoughts and input on how to improve the station. It is only “your Free Speech station” during fund drives. If you want real listener representation, vote 1-7, for People’s Radio candidates.

Transparency is an essential element of democratic process and accountability. Knowledge makes the members of any organization dangerous to undemocratic leaders. This is why a standard practice of dishonest regimes is to hide things that might expose actions that would not be viewed favorably by the electorate. The “dismantlers” and their elected allies fight against transparency in an attempt to keep our subscribers, YOU, in the dark. For over two years KPFA’s “dismantler” representatives united with their counter parts from other stations to fight against Director’s Inspection rights, despite our bylaws and the State law that gives Director the “absolute right to inspect at any reasonable time”, Corporations Code Section 6334 and Pacifica Bylaws Article 12, Section http://www.pacifica.org/governance/PacificaBylaws-new.html. The courageous work of La Varn Williams, Director from KPFA and People’s Radio member, and Patty Heffley, Director from WBAI, with legal support from Richard Phelps, stopped the practice of denying inspections. The inspection of WBAI and the national office discovered that $65,000 worth of equipment had disappeared. Now their strategy to conceal questionable actions is to push the discussions into executive session to make them confidential. This happens all to often and is accomplished by the tyranny of the majority with no recourse at the PNB, where it also happens. For a KPFA example of anti-transparency continue to Attila Nagy.

Candidate Attila Nagy

Some of my qualifications: LSB member, Pacifica National Programming Committee, former Program Council member, LSB Outreach, North Bay For KPFA, active in the struggle to democratize KBBF, bilingual public radio in Santa Rosa, musician and graphic artist.

Part 6, continued from Heller:
A recent example: Rosalinda Palacios, LSB, and consistent voter with the Concerned Listeners/“Dismantlers” asked Pacifica for a free trip to the Houston Board meeting in January 07. She was not entitled to have her expenses paid. The Executive Director denied her request. Rosalinda got the Chief Financial Officer to allow her to “book” her flight on the Pacifica account. She also charged her room to Pacifica for a total of $697.70 of listener-donated money! A couple of months later upon reviewing the expenses from the Houston meeting some People’s Radio members on the LSB asked why this was allowed and not paid back? A few weeks later Rosalinda made a payment of $625.00, leaving a balance of $72.70 of listener money owed by her to Pacifica. Would she have made this payment had nothing been said? She hadn’t for two months. When this was brought up at an LSB meeting to get an explanation as to why Rosalinda thought she was entitled to a free trip at listeners expense, the Concerned Listener/“Dismantler” majority pushed to have it discussed in executive session. Pacifica Bylaws require open meetings except for litigation, personnel and property transaction discussions, Bylaws, Article 6, Section 7.

This is not about Rosalinda Palacios, per se; it is about accountability and transparency, fundamental aspects of democratic process. An LSB member’s use of Pacifica money is not a personnel matter. Elected officials must be accountable for their use of subscribers’ donated money. There is nothing confidential about such an issue! The only reason to hide the discussion in executive session is to protect one of their allies, at the expense of YOUR right to know what is being done with YOUR donations. This was first brought up in February 2007 and Rosalinda Palacios has yet to say one word in response to requests for an explanation. Rosalinda missed six meetings in a row after People’s Radio LSB members put this issue on the agenda. If you want transparency about how your donations are used, vote 1-7, for People’s Radio candidates. We have a consistent history of fighting for transparency and open meetings at KPFA and Pacifica. Continued at Rivera.

Candidate Mara Rivera

Some of my qualifications: active in KPFA democracy movement since 1993, listener/subscriber for 40+ years, 28 year worker-owner at Rainbow Grocery Coop, attends LSB meetings, anti-war, anti-occupation activist.

Part 7, continued from Nagy: During 2007 the KPFA management, IGM and IPD, both “dismantlers”, arbitrarily and without collaboration, ended the Programs Council’s direct role in programming decisions. Please note that the Concerned Listeners (CL) didn’t mention the Program Council in their 2006 election material and neither did KPFAForward, the “dismantlers” slate in 2004. Also, neither slate mentioned the Democracy Now! prime time struggle. Why? They didn’t want to expose their top down, anti-democratic and unpopular positions. Also this year Sasha Lilley warned staff that they couldn’t encourage listeners to attend First Amendment events (peace marches, labor pickets, Miguel Molina was written up for saying “be there”). When this edict came before Pacifica Counsel his comment on saying “be there” was, “Isn’t that what we are supposed to be doing?” Recently the IGM told the unpaid staff that they couldn’t have an organization to represent them (the unpaid staff are 200+ volunteers, without their work the station couldn’t run). The IGM and IPD chose another older white male to host the Sunday Morning 2 hour program, despite a suggestion from Richard Phelps and others, to split up the 8 hours per month with some hours going to women, people of color and political diversity.

All of these decisions were made without consultation with the LSB, Program Council or unpaid staff. Additionally, they have continued the practice of playing part of a speech or debate and selling the program and not playing the entire program on the air for months, if ever, despite numerous complaints. Listeners that can’t afford $100 to buy them don’t get to hear the entire speech or program. They have also continued basing our news primarily on the corporate AP Wire service, despite years of complaints. These last two issues contributed to us losing our best newsperson, Sandra Lupien, who recently resigned. All of these attacks on democracy, free speech and equal access for all, regardless of wealth, were supported by the Concerned Listeners/“dismantlers” on the LSB and fought against by People’s Radio. These are only a few of the examples we could cite if we had more space.

If you want a democratic, transparent, and accountable process, progressive news and more diversity that supports our Mission, vote 1-7 for People’s Radio candidates.

Individual Candidate Statement from Richard Phelps

I believe that among the numerous attacks coming from the right, the most dangerous is the consolidation of the media. Democracy requires a knowledgeable populace. A few corporations are intent on taking complete control of the print and broadcast media to spoon-feed us their corporate view. Pacifica stations and the affiliates appear to be our best and maybe only hope to get the facts to the people. Broadcasting the truth is essential to support, expand and unite the many movements against the various fronts for corporate world domination.

I have attended every Local Station Board meeting except one, my daughter's college graduation day. I was elected Chair of the LSB in October 2005 and served until December 2006. As Chair I developed a progressive format for the monthly Local Station Board Report and all scheduled programs took place. This year under Concerned Listener leadership the progressive format has not been followed and two shows didn’t happen. I have worked on the Pacifica National Election and Governance Committees, the LSB Outreach and Personnel Committees and the KPFA Election Committee, always pushing for inclusive democracy. I have been a listener/supporter of KPFA and Pacifica for 33 years. I listen daily to keep up with local, national and international news and events. I also enjoy most of the music/cultural and life information programs. I produced music and public affairs programs on KPFA in the 70s, 80s and 2005-07. I continue to support programmers with suggestions and resources for programs. I suggested to management that they fill the eight hours a month Sunday Morning vacancy when Larry Bensky retired this year with women, people of color and political diversity.

I teamed up with Pacifica Directors LaVarn Williams (KPFA) and Patty Heffley (WBAI) to resolve a two-year struggle for transparency started by Carol Spooner who resigned for health reasons. Directors have an absolute right to inspect any and all parts of the Foundation at any reasonable time. They are responsible for the Foundation. The former Executive Director Dan Coughlin, who was supported in this anti-transparency activity by Concerned Listener Sarv Randhawa and others who support Concerned Listeners, had denied this right to Directors. In June 2005 Coughlin physically refused to allow LaVarn and I entry to the National office! When we finally won the battle we discovered that $65,000.00 worth of radio equipment was missing at WBAI!
I have been a peace and justice activist since the 60’s. I have over five years experience as a radio announcer/DJ on two FM stations and one AM station. I have been involved in workplace organizing as a member of the UAW, Teamsters, CSEA and AFTRA. For the last 25 years I have worked as an attorney in Oakland, representing working people, primarily against insurance companies. My clients have included William Mandel and Jack Heyman. For twelve years I have also been working as a mediator. I have had 150 hours of mediation training. I have been selected to mediate over 1300 civil cases with a 90% resolution rate. For six years I was Co-Chair of the Alameda County Bar Alternative Dispute Resolution Section.

I want to use my knowledge, training and experience to continue moving KPFA/Pacifica toward its full potential. The station is good and it can be GREAT! KPFA/Pacifica must become financially secure by becoming so valuable to our listeners that we will always be supported. We must democratize the processes at KPFA/Pacifica and involve the listeners. KPFA needs to be relevant, entertaining, insightful and challenging to a broad geographical area with all types of people. It will not be easy, yet it can and must be done. See our10-point program on PeoplesRadio.net home page.

Please join us in this experiment in media democracy. Your participation increases the likelihood of success. Your thoughts and ideas are appreciated. Richard Phelps, PhelpsMediation@aol.com

Candidates' answers to selected questions on questionnaires
For full questionnaire replies: lsb.kpfa.org/2007LSBQuestionnaireAnswers

Question One: Why do you wish to serve on the Local Station Board?

Bob English - I want to serve on the KPFA LSB in order to: a) represent listeners in station governance and realize the Savepacifica movement vision and objectives; and b) serve listeners and return service to KPFA, which has informed and served North/Central California communities for 57 years.
As Pacifica activists and long time listeners are aware, the heritage, values, programming grid and multiple damages of the old regime continues at Pacifica stations and little has changed at KPFA, where sadly we still have "Pat Scott/Lynn Chadwick radio." Listeners were never invited to an open house to celebrate our "victory over the hijackers;" the first liberated PNB meeting in Berkeley was only legally noticed on air, poorly attended and the interim manager (iGM) didn't bother to attend to give a station report. With few exceptions the banned and fired were not returned. The Transformation principles for equity and reallocation of programs, air time slots and resources to new, community and people of color staff/volunteers are marginalized, mostly ignored and forgotten. Back to business as usual, the pre-movement, "healthy station" status quo prevails.
Our elected LSB has been obstructed and made to appear "dysfunctional" by a voting block of staff and allied listener representatives - recruited or co-opted by and loyal to senior core staff, interested in station access and favors, (some turning their backs on the listeners who elected them) - resisting democratic change and shared decision making. Meanwhile, the by-law mandated, selected GMs may have lacked sufficient community radio and station management skills and experience and grounding in the Pacifica Mission, but not given support or cooperation they were driven out of the station, which has become a management free zone with insufficient support, structure and resources for volunteer staff and programmers who were once the heart and soul of KPFA community radio.

David Heller – My main reason for running is to bring more transparency, accountability and democracy to the station. Having run for the board last year, I became painfully aware of how inadequate the election process is. The voters seem to be intentionally kept in the dark about whom they are supposed to vote for. This is most likely why close to 85% of the eligible listeners do not vote. After attending many LSB meetings, it has become clear to me that some people are committed to keeping the listeners in the dark and out of the loop in programming, financial and policy decisions. It is my goal to create a stronger LSB that involves the listeners in a more dynamic and participatory manor.

Attila Nagy - I’m a candidate for reelection to the LSB to carry on with the responsibility of representing the interests of KPFA listener/supporters. I will continue to work for transparent and democratic governance, to be accountable to our primary stakeholders, the KPFA’s listener/supporters. One of my concerns is outreach to the communities to broaden our listener base, by supporting good management and staff who are responsive to the needs of the diverse communities with programs that are relevant to our signal area, will invite a broader demographic.

Richard Phelps – I believe that KPFA/Pacifica and its affiliates and community stations are the best hope to provide real news and analysis to the people of our country. We must protect and build the Pacifica stations and the affiliate network and help community stations when we can or we are doomed to an Orwellian nightmare that is planned by Rupert Murdock (Fox News etc.) and his ilk. The FCC's continued reduction of the limitations on media monopoly is clear evidence of where we are being taken. Clear Channel up and down the dial with Rush ("lock up the drug addicts", except me) Limbaugh as the senior social commentator. I will continue to use my 40+ years of experience to help KPFA/Pacifica reach every community with relevant, engaging and entertaining programs that encourage people to challenge mainstream thinking and eventually become active in progressive movements.

Mara Rivera - KPFA is our bulwark against the New World Order by reporting the truths that we can’t hear on commercial media.
I want to strengthen it by making sure the listeners share decision making through the LSB, committees, and their feedback, along with the staff & management, as is mandated in our bylaws.

Gerald Sanders - The facts reveal that the corporate media, i.e. the Headfixing Industry, dominates the airwaves. This makes KPFA, Pacifica and its affiliates a key player in providing real news and analysis and coverage of events to the people of our country. Therefore, we must protect and build the Pacifica stations and the affiliate network. The FCC’s continued reduction of the limitations on media monopoly is clear evidence of where they have taken us. Clear Channel up and down the dial with Rush (“lock up the drug addicts”, except me) Limbaugh as the senior social commentator. I will continue to use my 40+ years of experience in various social movements to help KPFA/Pacifica reach every community with relevant, engaging and entertaining programs that encourage people to challenge mainstream thinking and eventually become active in social movements. I want to be on the KPFA LSB because I think I have and will continue to make positive contributions to our station. Stan Woods - I’m a current listener representative on the Local Station Board (L.S.B.) running for reelection. I want to continue the fight for democracy, accountability, and transparency in all spheres of KPFA.
Unfortunately not all members of our board agree with this perspective.
PeoplesRadio and our allies have been fought, blocked and subjected to filibusters constantly over the last few years.
But we have persisted. Recently we have presented (and were successful in passing) a motion in support of the Unpaid Staff Organization and calling on KPFA Management to recognize and negotiate with that group.
We share the strong concern of Program council members at the abrupt stripping of their decision making powers by the interim program director. KPFA Management and their supporters on the board apparently favor the top down decision making model of the corporate media.
We disagree. We want to see a democratically elected Program council with listener representatives equal to staff and with the authority to make programming decisions by majority vote.
In general we want to continue and expand the victory of 1999.

Stan Woods - I’m a current listener representative on the Local Station Board (L.S.B.) running for reelection. I want to continue the fight for democracy, accountability, and transparency in all spheres of KPFA.
Unfortunately not all members of our board agree with this perspective.
PeoplesRadio and our allies have been fought, blocked and subjected to filibusters constantly over the last few years.
But we have persisted. Recently we have presented (and were successful in passing) a motion in support of the Unpaid Staff Organization and calling on KPFA Management to recognize and negotiate with that group.
We share the strong concern of Program council members at the abrupt stripping of their decision making powers by the interim program director. KPFA Management and their supporters on the board apparently favor the top down decision making model of the corporate media.
We disagree. We want to see a democratically elected Program council with listener representatives equal to staff and with the authority to make programming decisions by majority vote.
In general we want to continue and expand the victory of 1999.

Question Two: What skills, qualifications and experience would you bring to the board?

Bob English - I'm a civil servant, public service worker for 33 years with administrative, budget "human resources" experience, as well as "hands on" public assistance casework experience, a year student-work internship in East Pakistan in 1967. I am a UC graduate and have an M(I)PA in International Public Administration.
I served SEIU 790 union chapter members and represented workers as twice elected bargaining team member and appointed SF Conference delegate. I'm a labor democracy activist and founding member of Public employees for a democratic Union. As a community activist, I worked for years on the UFW SF support committee and Cesar Chavez Street committee and election.
I've been a practicing Zen Center and IYI yoga institute member
I was an active progressive Potrero Hill Democratic club member and a current Green Party member.
As elaborated in my statement and other question responses, I can bring my Freepacifica movement experience, knowledge, spirit and commitment to the LSB. I was an early, active Coalition for a democratic Pacifica (CdP) member, currently an active Peoples Radio member and long time KPFA member/supporter

David Heller – I am a former board member of Californians for Electoral Reform (www.CfER.org), I was the campaign coordinator for Berkeley’s (72% of the vote) Measure I campaign to bring Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) to Berkeley’s city elections. In my professional life, I manage building projects and need to coordinate and facilitate the wants and needs of various contractors, owners, architects engineers and building inspectors, many of whom have very different ideas of how they want things. This has given me an excellent background in problem solving and negotiating with various people with different ideas.

Attila Nagy - I served on KPFA’s Program Council prior to being elected to the LSB in 2004. My
other radio experience includes serving on the Board of KBBF – Sonoma County's bilingual public
radio – 1999-2001. Produced/DJd a reggae program at KBBF in the 80s (not interested in doing a program on KPFA). In 1999 I co-founded North Bay for KPFA and organized fundraisers, teach-ins,
and a large contingent of North Bay listener/supporters to demonstrate in front of the station.
Currently, I’m with Voces Cruzando Fronteras, a group working to hold KBBF to it’s mission of serving the community. I also produce and promote events in the community: The Annual MLK Birthday Celebration in Santa Rosa, The Annual Progressive Festival, and other events and benefits for progressive organizations.

Richard Phelps – It is difficult to briefly state the skills and experiences from 40+ years of work and community activity. Here are some of them. Thirty-three years as a listener/subscriber. Three years on the LSB, 14 months as Chair of the LSB.
I resurrected the LSB Monthly Radio Report and developed a progressive format for the Report. While Chair I made sure that each scheduled program took place to help inform our listeners. I have authored several motions to improve transparency and accountability and democratic process on the LSB and in Pacifica. In my three years on the LSB, and the first year of its operation as a listener volunteer, I have participated on the following committees: PNB>Governance and Elections, LSB>Outreach, Personnel, GM Hire, PD Hire, Programming and the Local Election Committee>planning and vote counting.
In my young adult years I spent 5+ years as a radio announcer/DJ on AM & FM. In addition to an air shift, which included news, I worked as director of public affairs, programming and music at different stations. I earned #1 ratings in the 18-34 age group against the powerful TOP 40 stations without a promotions budget and no contests by keeping my ear to the audience and giving them what they couldn't get elsewhere, respect and a progressive sound. In the 90's I did a few legal call-in programs on KCBS. In 1981 I did a music program on KPFA in memory of blues guitar player extraordinaire, Michael Bloomfield and in i988 I produced a program on Insurance Initiatives.
Twenty-five years representing the diverse working population of the Bay Area in State and Federal courts, always the underdog against bigger firms and wealthy opponents. My clients have included William Mandel and Jack Heyman. For the past twelve years I have worked as a mediator for civil cases.

Mara Rivera -
I have been a listener – supporter since 1962 and participated in the struggles against a corporate style takeover during 1995 to 2003, as part of the pro-democracy movement led by Take Back KPFA, Save KPFA, and now People’s Radio. I’ve been involved in democratically run community organizations for many years, most recently Direct Action to Stop the War, Jewish Voice for Peace, and I’ve worked at Rainbow Grocery Coop for 28 years, a collective of 200+ self-governing worker-owners.
I have attended many LSB meetings and served on the Outreach Committee.

Gerald Sanders - Besides my 30 years of work experience as an IBEW union electrician I have participated in various social movements and groups for just over 40 years.
To name a few:
I am a founding member of Berkeley Copwatch, the Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal, the Labor Action Committee to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal, and the Committee to Free the San Francisco 8. I have run for public office for the Peace and Freedom Party. With the Frank Little Club I helped build the actions (Camp KPFA, demonstrations) that saved KPFA. The skills I have accumulated can be used to build the listener base of KPFA.

Stan Woods - Years of organizing and activism in movements for social change . Labor, Antiwar/Anti-imperialism , and some work in Left media . Articles in Z Magazine , The Partisan , U.S. Columnist for the (now defunct) London based ‘’ Irish Freedom Bulletin ‘’ , The Dispatcher (Monthly newspaper of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU ) various Op- Ed pieces etc.
I have a fair amount of experience serving on elected, accountable bodies . I served as a Executive Board member of ILWU #6. Also former Chief Steward at my workplace.
I was a member of the first elected KPFA Local Advisory Board, elected by that board and later by the L.S.B. to serve on the Station’s program council.
I have followed and participated in KPFA/ Pacifica affairs since the mid 90’s . I was deeply involved in the fight against the ‘’highjackers ‘’ in 1999 and played a major role in securing the active support of my union in that struggle.
I have served on the L.S.B. for the last two years and see our current battle as a continuation of that struggle.

3: Dynamics and Effectiveness

Bob English - People have to stand up for basic principles of democratic process, transparency and accountability and make this primary over group loyalty.

David Heller – The first thing we need to do as listeners is to elect people to the board who are committed to the democratic process, listener input and management accountability. By electing people to the board who are discussing how to dismantle the LSB creates a situation where no progress can be made because some people are committed to obfuscation, delay, filibustering, autocratic rule of the station with no listener participation.
(See: .//Dismantle.htm and ./wwwpeoplesradio.net/antidemocratic.htm ) They seem to think that elections and the LSB are just a nuisance and waste of revenue that only serves a small clique of grey haired activists. These are the same people who are doing everything they can to impede the listeners from knowing whom the candidates are for the LSB.

Attila Nagy - We're still in the incubation period of the democratic governance process that began after the 1999 lockout. Ideological differences divide the LSB. Most Listener Reps want accountability and transparency in management of KPFA and Pacifica, to avoid what occurred with the previous self appointed National Board. As LSB members we must focus on our responsibility to the Mission, and maintain a financially sound and viable public radio to serve the listener/supporters not career employees of the station.

Richard Phelps – We need to elect people that are dedicated to our Mission, and democratic process, transparency and accountability. KPFA/Pacifica are a “Commons”, and belong to all of us and no time slot belongs to any individual. The group that is currently in control of the LSB, by a slim majority, Concerned Listeners, are united with a small group of staff and management that is willing to “dismantle the LSB” if they can’t control it. Their desire to run the station by patronage and cronyism without listener input is the fundamental cause of the problems on the LSB. When you have differences over principles (democratic process, transparency and accountability) as opposed to decisions on tactics within those principles, it is very hard to consistently work together since there is often no middle ground. Where is the middle ground between patronage and cronyism decision making, done under the radar, and a transparent democratic process where the elected officials and management are accountable to our subscribers? A clear example is the struggle for women’s right to vote last century. There was no middle ground; you are either for it or against it. Power that isn’t based on progressive principles has no redeeming social value, only value for the small group that took the power.

Mara Rivera - Elect LSB reps who support democratic decision making and our bylaws,
The problem now is that a small faction which believes that the staff alone should run the station has a slim majority on the LSB and tries to block effective governance by the LSB, denying its role in overseeing programming and policy making, and that of the program council and other representative bodies.

Gerald Sanders - The main thing that can be done to improve the functioning of the LSB is the subscribers electing people that represent their best interests.

Stan Woods - If everyone on the LSB would accept the democratic process and refrain from impeding that process that would help tremendously.
But the sad reality is that there is a determined faction on the board , closely allied with the Station’s management , that seem to be on the board in order to undermine our ability to govern. One candidate running on the ‘’ Concerned Listeners’’ slate actually once publicly stated that she felt that only a quarter of the board should even be elected, with the rest selected (unclear by whom ) from a pool of local prominent progressives.
So nothing can really substitute for electing a strong pro-democratic majority on the board.

7: How should the Pacifica Foundation find a wider audience?

Bob English - Community outreach and better programs for new communities

David Heller – There is a terrible vacuum in the majority of the media in this country. Almost no one trusts “The Media” anymore. Newspapers have become useless corporate propaganda tools (How many times has Barry Bonds taken the full front page of the SF Chronicle? Once is too many, especially while our illegitimate government is illegally and immorally dropping bombs and otherwise killing innocent people in foreign lands. TV news is more infatuated with Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and the latest blonde woman to go missing and not at all interested in what is happening in our federal, state or local legislative bodies.
If the Pacifica Network became the place where average people came to find out what’s going on in the world and their local communities, we could easily to expand our listenership. We could probably even raise enough to expand the network. The void is THAT huge.

Attila Nagy - By being a viable alternative to corporate media and NPR. Produce programs that give voice to progressive ideas. People will listen if Pacifica radio offers substantial programs beyond the “mainstream.” A national dialog talk show about current world issues would draw an audience.

Richard Phelps – First we have to work to keep the members we gain each year by constantly improving. I find a lot of ex-subscribers when I am out in the community promoting KPFA. A common complaint, we need to make our news more progressive and sound less like AP wire. How many more listeners would we have if we had moved Democracy Now! to prime time, 7-8 a.m., and promoted it to the morning commuters when the Program Council voted to make the time change in 2003? We will never know. I do know that there are more people listening to the radio between 7-8 a.m. than at 6-7 and 9-10 a.m. combined. And so due to special interests overruling what is best for our Mission, we have not put our best program, by far, in prime time. We need to maximize the value of our best programs and promote them to the people in the Bay Area that are open to them and looking for information and answers. Bush has opened the door; we have to step in with relevant content, in well-produced programs, at the right times.

Mara Rivera - Primarily by excellent, relevant leftwing programming, and this requires a strong, empowered Program Council with good listener representation. We have lost our solid base of loyal listeners; they are not listening much or resubscribing.
The listeners should be able to communicate more with the station, tell us their issues, and learn more about ours in governance. At the last Town Hall meeting people were eager to talk to staff and LSB about their concerns, so we need more such town halls, as well as events in outlying areas and neighborhoods of the Bay Area.
We need to let communities put their issues and culture on the air.
A folio is needed to encourage people to listen and to advertise our offerings.
We need to put Democracy Now on at prime drivetime and again in the evening, to engage a new constituency of working people.

Stan Woods - By far more aggressively going to where our potential audience can be found. Not only National and local mobilizations for social justice but everywhere! Our stations should be visible at street festivals, concerts, campus events, Union conventions even county and state fairs, etc. Our attitude should be that we refuse to concede ANY segment of the U.S.‘s working class and middle class listening audience to the right wing demagogues and the ‘’stenographers of power’’ of the corporate media.
I also think that we should expand our National programming albeit in ways that doesn’t undercut our local efforts. .

14: Serving Under-represented Communities

Bob English -
The number of subscribers has been stagnant rather than growing as programs and fundraising target, rely on and reward more exclusive affluent community large donors.
As listener supported community radio, KPFA has in the past and should now be open to, influenced by and reflect diverse community needs with programs vital and relevant to the life realities and emerging issues of our communities. More and a broader range of community activists and organizers should be invited to advise, appear on, develop and produce new programs based in and relevant to their communities. Bottom up community programming and direction will naturally result in programs more people will listen to and value and the listener base will expand naturally.

David Heller – I know there are many under-represented groups in the listening area. We have very diverse population in the bay area. I think air times should be made available at least once a month for these groups and if that cannot be accomplished, at least offer them studio time to create programming that would be posted on our website for listening online.

Attila Nagy - By learning from leaders in those communities and providing programming that address issues relevant to the communities.

Richard Phelps – We can and must do various types of outreach to under-represented communities. We must be aware of our changing demographics, such as the growth of the Spanish speaking community. One method would be to develop programs that cover the active issues in those communities and involve respected people from those communities in the program development and on air presentation. Promote the program in the community prior to the broadcast. When possible, have time for call-ins to give others from the community a chance to participate and cross promote other programs that we have that would be of interest to this new community during the promoted program. This would start the communication exchange with a community new to KPFA that could be the beginning of a new relationship or the deepening of an already existing but undeveloped connection.

Mara Rivera - By allowing regular airtime for people from those communities to air their issues and cultures.
We could have trainings for those who want to program but need skills. We could actively seek qualified people.
We could broadcast other communities’ events, and post information on our town halls, LSB meetings, and contact information, at their community centers.

Stan Woods - As touched on in answer seven, by being where the people are. We shouldn’t just cover what’s happening at UC Berkeley and the City Council but what’s concerning South Berkeley residents. Not just the sleazy maneuvers of Oakland govt. politics but what people in East Oakland are thinking.
San Jose is the largest city in the Bay area but our news dept. frequently doesn’t know the way (Pardon the obvious pun) South Bay coverage should greatly increase. (Thanks to the persistence of myself and my allies the next L.S.B. will be held in San Jose Oct. 20)
All several million Bay area residents are within listening range. Not just the 100,000 plus residents of Berkeley. We are a San Francisco Bay area station. Let’s act like one.

16: KPFA - Strong and Weak Points

Bob English - A few people making too many important decisions behind closed doors detracts from the talent at the station and our great potential with 59,000 watts to reach so many.

David Heller – Strengths: Hard working, creative and courageous programmers dedicated to disseminating important information and diverse cultural auditory art to keep us well informed, culturally aware and well entertained.
Weaknesses: Some people who want to keep the debate within the realms of what the Democratic Party wants us to hear and uninformed about other political and social possibilities. Some people who want to protect their airtime at the expense of making the station and network more vibrant and financially stable

Attila Nagy - Strong points: The Pacifica/KPFA Mission; Strong Signal that covers much of northern and Central California; Several good public affairs programs; Good variety of music.
Weak points: Not enough public affairs, analysis, and call-in discussion programs. Could have less music to make time for programs that address important current events and issues in the diverse communities in the broadcast range.

Richard Phelps – Strengths: 59,000 watts and many creative and dedicated paid and unpaid staff.
Weaknesses: A small but committed group of people that put their individual and small group desires for power before progressive principles and our Mission. As author Jill Nelson said on the Morning Show a couple of years ago:
“I think we have no true faith in the ability of democracy and so... we all want to belong to a tribe that is advantaged. I think the question is a larger philosophical one of what does democracy mean and how do we make it work and really the larger question is do we want to make it work? I think that pretty much as Americans we are a despairing people who no longer believe that the system will work for the majority of us so we each get into our tribe and try to cannibalize what we can to advantage ourselves."

Mara Rivera - STRONG: It has a strong signal, progressive programming, and a dedicated staff, most of it unpaid.
WEAK: It has a small but powerful staff faction dedicated to protecting their time slots. It has strip programming consisting largely of 1 to 3 hours hosted time slots. This makes it difficult to introduce new programming and present other voices on the air. It makes attempts at the bylaws mandated diversity difficult.

Stan Woods - Strengths – A legacy of 57 years of alternative broadcasting and 59, 000 watts.
Weak points – A ‘entrenched ‘’ clique who run the station and reject and constantly try to impede democratic governance. A news dept. that more often than not apes the methodology of the corporate media.

19: Hobbies, Interests, and Organizational Affiliations

Bob English - I enjoy good radio programs and music. I am a member of People's Radio.

David Heller – I have worked with the Green Party, Californians for Electoral Reform, 9/11 Truth Alliance. I’m a member the San Francisco Bike Coalition. I’ve been a Burning Man participant every year since 2001. I’ve been involved with a democracy think tank. I’m a member of Monterey Bay Aquarium. I love swimming, biking, books, cinema, art including culinary arts, science, nature, animals and architecture.

Attila Nagy – I’m a Graphic Artist and Musician. I also work with several organizations in the North Bay, including: The Petaluma Progressives; The Committee for Immigrant Rights, Sonoma County; Voces Cruzando Fronteras/Voices Crossing Borders; The Martin Luther King Committee; Peace Press Editorial Collective of the Peace & Justice Center of Sonoma County. Co-founder of North Bay for KPFA. Formerly served two terms on the Green Party of Sonoma County Council.

Richard Phelps
– I enjoy music, basketball, soccer, poker, well-produced radio programs and a good mystery. Getting together with progressive people to make positive changes in society. I am a member of the Mediation Society and the Association for Dispute Resolution of Northern California. I am also a founding member of People's Radio.

Mara Rivera - I was active in Direct Action to Stop the War, am active in Jewish Voice for Peace.
I love Latino music and dance, American roots music, world music.
I have a special interest in health, environmental health, health of the earth.
I participate in bioregional events, local natural history. I have a public native plant demonstration garden at my workplace.
I work at a large natural foods/goods democratically run workplace.
I belong to a community supported agriculture group.

Gerald Sanders – I love music, basketball, and well-produced radio programs. Getting together with people to make positive changes in society. As I mentioned already I am a member of various social organizations and unions. I am a founding member of People's Radio.

Stan Woods – Elected Member of the Peace and Freedom party State Central Committee. A Member of ILWU #6. A founding member of the Multi-Union Transport Workers Solidarity Committee ‘’Hobbies, interests‘’? Music, though I have pretty broad tastes I would probably have to rank R and B and Jazz at the top. Reading everything from Labor and Socialist journals, the daily scanning of the ‘net and reading the San Francisco Chronicle and the NY Times to Ian Rankin’s mystery novels .. I also try to stay current on what’s happening in my native Appalachia. Sports. I follow Baseball and Soccer primarily (Along with that I welcomed the recent KPFA sponsored’’ Deep Sports ‘’ forum on Oct. 10)
I enjoy a good micro brew and working out at my neighborhood gym. (Though not at the same time!)
Last but not least I try to be a devoted father and family member.