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Election 2010*

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                      The next Local Station Board Meeting is      
        November 6th, 10 am -1 pm on the new budget
                                 2 -4 pm - regular business
                                           Place tba
                 This is the last meeting of the current Board
Unfortunately there is little time for regular business such as revival of the Program Council,
which we hoped would be a major accomplishment of this pro-democratic Board Majority.

                                        Come and help support this Board!

                    Look for the draft agenda  before the meeting
                            (could be as late as Saturday morning)
The KPFA website is broken, there was no new info on the LSB pages.
  This was hard to determine, since the information there is always late

                 at:    scroll down to Recent Items
      You can also read the previous meeting minutes there 
                   Public comment begins early in the meeting.
             Public commenters are usually given either 2 or 3 minutes

                            Please come and express your opinion!
                              Or come any time during the meeting

             Hear audios of some previous meetings here
Here is the text of the resolution passed on reactivating the Program Council,
a great victory for democratic governance, made possible by our slim majority!!

_Program Council Resolution_
a) One of the "specific powers & duties" of the Pacifica Foundation Local Station Boards (LSBs), according to Article 7, Section 3,
Part G of the Foundation's by-laws, is: "To work with station management to ensure that station programming fulfills the purposes of the Foundation and is responsive to the diverse needs of the listeners (demographic) and communities (geographic) served by the station, and that station policies and procedures for making programming decisions and for program evaluation are working in a fair, collaborative and respectful manner to provide quality programming;"
b) Any properly functioning media outlet should regularly evaluate its existing programming and consider proposals for new programs and special broadcasts;
c) KPFA for decades relied on a Program Council (PC) to help fulfill these functions; the KPFA Local Station Board (LSB), in April, 2004, adopted a resolution affirming the composition and powers of the PC; and that body functioned effectively as recently as 2007;Therefore be it resolved that:

1) KPFA shall immediately reconstitute its PC;
2) The PC shall consist of the following as voting members:
   - the station's Program Director or, if that position is vacant,
      someone else appointed by the station's General Manager;
   - 1 representative from the Training, Music, News, and Public Affairs Departments, elected by       the paid staff in each department;
   -4 representatives of the unpaid staff, plus two alternates, elected by the Unpaid Staff               Organization;
   - 3 members of the LSB, elected by the LSB;
   - 3 community representatives, elected by the LSB.
3) The members shall serve 2 year terms, except those elected by a KPFA unit that has it's own bylaws which specify a shorter term.
4) The program director is the chair/facilitator of the PC. If the position is vacant, then the body may select a chair/facilitator from among the membership. A simple majority of PC members shall constitute a quorum.
5) The PC shall observe confidentiality procedures, but must release, promptly and post publicly, minutes recording all decisions of the body.
6) The Program Council’s duties are to:
   - regularly evaluate each individual program and present the results of its evaluations to the       relevant department head and programmer(s), with the goal of helping the programmer(s)       improve her/his/their work;
   - solicit and evaluate proposals for new programs;
   - solicit and evaluate proposals for special programming; and
   - regularly evaluate KPFA's overall program grid.
7) In the event that the Program Director or General Manager rejects a recommendation of the PC, the PC may appeal the decision to the LSB.
8) The LSB may overrule the decision of the Program Director or General Manager to reject a recommendation from the PC.
9) In carrying out its bylaws-mandated evaluations of the incumbent Program Director and General Manager, the LSB shall consider, among other issues, how well said managers have worked with the PC and complied with the terms of this resolution.

/[Above motion approved at the KPFA LSB Meeting held on August 14, 2010.]


The last LSB on air
Report to the Listener  
                    Monday 9/27
 at 9:00 pm
Tune in from 9-10pm after the on air candidate forum for a special edition of the Local Station Board show moderated by LSB member Sasha Futran with special guests James Owen and Scott Sanders from Chicago Media Action about the importance of elected boards for public media institutions.

The last LSB on air Report to the Listener  
                    of Wednesday 9/1
 at 11:00 pm
    can be heard on the archives at
                        Sasha Futran was the host

 The Local Station Board's Report to the Listener  programs
                               have been on an occasional basis                   
            These programs are not usually publicized much in advance. 

You can hear some past programs at
       or go to the date & time, or show it replaced, in the Archives


The new Community Advisory Board (CAB)

  the next KPFA Community Advisory Board meeting is
                     Saturday   November ?? , 2010 - 11:00am -1:00pm
The October meeting was at the same time as the LSB meeting -
                 again making it difficult for those who wished to attend both
                         New members may still be needed!     
           It meets at KPFA, 1929 Martin Luther King Jr.Way
      The meeting is also open to the public & is wheelchair accessible.
The CAB is a body mandated for public radio stations to provide input
              to help them provide programming which fills community needs.
                 This is a new feature at KPFA & well worth checking out

                   * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


the Pacifica National Board
held its last quarterly in-person meeting
in Berkeley July 16-18, 2010
at the
Hotel Durant,  2600 Durant Avenue at Bowditch                                    

There was 1/2 hour Public Comment period each day.
Listen to the archives at

Meeting Schedule to aid your listening
Friday July 16th
The Open Meeting begins at 9am Pacific Time, July 16
[ For Executive (closed) Sessions, see below]
Open Session AGENDA
I. Call to Order and Opening Business.
PNB Chair George Reiter.
a. Roll Call / Establish Quorum. Recording Secretary Richard Uzzell. Establish excused absences and timekeeper. (3 Min.)
For Attendance. X Present; Ab Absent; Exc Excused Absence; AL Arrived Late.
KPFA - Berk., Ca.: Shahram Aghamir, Tracy Rosenberg, Andrea Turner, Joseph Wanzala
KPFK - L.A., Ca.: Shawn O'Brien, Leslie Radford, Summer Reese, Ricco Ross
KPFT – Houston, Tx.: Bill Crosier, Alberto Luera, George Reiter, Richard Uzzell
WBAI - N.Y., N.Y.: Nia Bediako, Kathy Davis, Jennifer Jaeger, Alex Steinberg
WPFW – Wash. D.C.: Alonso Brown, Campbell Johnson ,  Kimory Orendoff, Marcel Reid
AFFILIATES: Jim Bennett, Efia Nwangaza
STAFF & COUNSEL: Arlene Engelhardt, ED, LaVarn Williams, CFO, Ricardo deAnda, Int. Gen. Counsel

b. Approve Agenda for Friday Morning.
c. Acknowledgements (5 min)
d. Convene as Committee of the whole.
    1. Finance Workshop. [Tony Pohl] (110min)
    2. Topics Workshop. [All Members] (50 min)
e. Adjourn for Lunch - 12:00 noon.
**1:00- 4:00pm Executive (=closed) Session
*4:30 - 6:00pm Dinner

II. Reconvene Open Session – 6:00 pm.- 9:00pm
    a. Take Roll. (3 min)
   b. Approve Open Session Agenda for remainder of meeting.
   c. Approval of Minutes. (3 min)
   d. Acknowledgements. (5 min)
   e. Chairs Report (3 min)
III. Executive Director’s Report. (30 min)
IV. Reports from GMs and Archive Manager
   WBAI (10 min)
   WPFW (10 min)
   KPFT (10 min)
   KPFK (10 min)
   Archives (10 min)
   KPFA (45 min)
IVa KPFA LSB Chair (15 min)
V. Committees and Working Groups Reports and Motions
   a. Promotions Task Force (20 min)
  b. Affiliates Task force (3 min)
  c. Audit Committee (3min)
  d. Coordinating Committee (5 min)
  e. Elections Committee (3 min)
  f. Finance Committee (3 min)
  g. Governance Committee (3 min)
  h. Personnel Committee (3 min)
  i. Programming Committee(see below for motions) (25 min)
  j. Sexism and Racism (3 min)
  k. Technology (3 min)
9:00-9:30pm Public Comment
Adjourn for Evening 9:30 PM

Saturday, July 17th
Convene Open Meeting  9:00 am -11:30pm I. CFO Report (30 min)
II. NES Report (10 min)
III. Unfinished Business (see below for motions)
IV New Business (see below for motions)
11:30-12:00am Public Comment

Adjourn for Lunch 12:00 pm

Reconvene 1:00pm - 4pm
Time Certain for Affiliates Participation 4:00pm - 4:30pm
Affiliates Coordinator Report (10 min)
Adjourn for Evening 4:30 PM

4:30- 7:00pm Station Tour - Carpool to KPFA - 1929 MLK @ Berkeley Way
7:00 -10:00pm Evening BBQ/Mixer - public invited
Carpool to Arlene Engelhardt's Residence
                 729 Arlington Way @ Tunbridge Lane

Sunday July 18th
[Board to decide if extra Exec Session is needed , 9:00-11:00 am]
Convene Open Meeting 11:00 am - 1:30pm
1:30-2:00pm  Public Comment
Adjourn 2:00 PM

TheExecutive (Closed)) Session begins at !.00 pm (PT), July 16
I. Call to Order and Opening Business. PNB Chair George Reiter.
    a. Roll Call / Establish Quorum. Recording Secretary Richard Uzzell. Establish excused absences and timekeeper. (3 min.)
    b. Agenda Approval.
    c. Approval of Minutes.  II. ED Report: Compensation for Archive Staff (30 min)
III Approval of Auditor Contract (15 min)
IV Al Jazeera Contract(?) (30 min)
V Promotions Task Force Recommendations (30 min)
VI GC Legal Issues (60 min)
VII Report Out (5 min)
VIII Adjourn 4:30 pm

Executive Session Agenda July 18 (if needed)
Convene (9am)
Adjourn (11am)

MOTIONS – truncated summaries

Governance Committee Motion. At the request of the Chair of the PNB, and upon presentation of specific policies or directives that the chair declares an LSB is refusing to follow and declaration by the Chair that reasonable attempts to obtain compliance have failed, the PNB, after hearing from the directors of a station that is said to be refusing to implement PNB policy or directives, shall be entitled, by a majority vote of the remaining directors, to deny voting rights to the directors from that station until such time as the policy or directives are followed. These voting rights shall be reinstated upon certification by the chair that the policies or directives are being followed, or by a vote of the PNB when presented with a request from the affected LSB to do so, stating that they are now in compliance. Such vote shall be taken as a first order of business in any meeting to which the request is made. [Passed without objection by committee, subsequently amended]
Two Substitute Motions and an amendment to Governance Motion.1. Radford substitute motion. In the instance that an LSB does not undertake an action mandated by the PNB, the PNB may undertake the following progressive steps to resolution:
a. The PNB should form a committee to investigate the situation . . . . . . the PNB may issue a letter to the LSB requesting compliance, with a reasonable deadline . . . . .
b. . . . . .the PNB may authorize that LSB's director delegation to mediate any impediments to reaching compliance, and . . . may impose a deadline . .
c. If the mediation is unsuccessful, the directors from the noncompliant LSB may be authorized to complete the PNB directive . . . . . .

2. Young substitute motion. The Pacifica National Board may pass a resolution of non-recognition declaring a Local Station Board to not be a part of Pacifica Foundation’s governance and its acts to be void, including the election of Directors that may occur at the time of this finding, and denying to that Local Station Board the use of Pacifica resources . . . . . . .

3. Wanzala amendment.
Upon receipt of a complaint or appeal by Local Station Board (“LSB”) members and/or by directors representing the station in question, that an LSB is refusing to implement PNB policy or directives, and that reasonable efforts by the complainant LSB members to obtain compliance have failed, the PNB, after hearing from the LSB members and/or from
the directors of the station in question shall make a determination as to whether the LSB’s refusal to follow the PNB directive is justified.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
If during the period of suspension the delegates from the LSB in question do not pledge to reverse their vote and come into compliance, the PNB shall take a vote as to whether to implement Article Four, Section 9. (Removal of Delegates).
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .

c. Crosier motion. That Pacifica management should provide monthly written reports to the PNB containing: (15 Min.)
  1. Income statements showing comparison of actuals to budget for all units (showing most recent month plus year-to-date figures)
  2. Cash in bank for all units (this could be a balance sheet)
  3. Central Services paid, and related transactions between NO and the other units
  4. Report of recent fund drives at stations, including pledge total, actual cash taken in, number of days, and goal
  5. Report on unpaid obligations to creditors . . .
  And that, Pacifica management should provide periodic (at least quarterly) cash flow forecasts based on realistic projections to the PNB.

*   Bediako motion to amend to add #6: Provide a listing of the most recent bank reconciliations reviewed for every bank account of the Foundation.

d. Johnson motion about Off Air Fundraising Strategy (10 min)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Be it hereby RESOLVED, that the PNB supports the implementation of similar “off air” revenue strategy by all station LSBs in collaboration with their respective station managements and we hereby urge the station managements to actively engage in good faith with their respective LSBs,
the Executive Director, National Office and National Finance Committee to make recommendations on specific events that may be applicable at various stations in the network;
Be it hereby RESOLVED, that the PNB will use its best efforts to advocate for and encourage all LSBs to participate in implementing similar revenue strategies in collaboration with their respective station managements in a cost effective manner.

e. Radford motion to create a Pacifica Five-Year Governance Plan. (10 min)
Resolved that, within two months of the ratification of this motion, each standing committee and task force shall provide for approval by the Pacifica National Board a five-year committee plan that advances the Pacifica Mission and provides security and progress for the Foundation, and that these plans together shall become the Pacifica Five-Year Governance Plan.
And that each committee shall include in their plan annual milestones, and shall report on the accomplishment of the milestones at each January in-person Pacifica National Board meeting.
And that each committee subsequent to the first shall provide for PNB approval revisions to the committee plan no later than the March PNB meeting, to be incorporated into the Pacifica Five-Year Governance Plan.

f. Davis motion that PNB committees not double up on meeting dates. Once a committee has been scheduled that date will be allowed to stand uncontested by additional committees." (5 min)

g. Bediako Motion to Rescind Motion on LSB Security adopted at April 6 Meeting. (10 min)
The Motion on LSB Security adopted at April 6 Meeting as Passed April 6, 2010.
1. Pacifica shall have a zero tolerance policy for violence or threats of violence at its LSB meetings.
2. The Chairs of each LSB are hereby specifically empowered, at their discretion, to remove from a duly called meeting of the LSB any person who engages in violence, or threats of violence, against another person during the meeting.
3. Members of an LSB who engage in violence, or threats of violence, against another person during a duly called meeting of the LSB shall be subject to immediate removal from the meeting at the discretion of the Chair, and shall also be subject to suspension from membership on the LSB by majority vote of the other LSB members present and voting at a subsequently called meeting of the LSB. Any member suspended by his LSB for violating this non-violence policy shall be denied access to any meetings of the LSB, and to facilities of the Foundation.
4. The Chairs of each LSB are hereby specifically empowered to remove from a duly called meeting of the LSB any member who has been suspended from membership on the LSB for engaging in violence, or threats of violence, against another person during a meeting of the LSB.
5. The Executive Director and respective station managers are hereby authorized to hire and appoint a Sergeant at Arms, at the request of a Chair of an LSB, to enforce the removal directives of the Chair, as set out herein.
6. The Executive Director shall distribute this Zero Tolerance on Violence policy to each and every member of an LSB.
7. The Chair of each LSB shall distribute copies of this Policy to LSB members as the first order of business at the LSB's next scheduled meeting.

Motion to Amend Motion on LSB Security adopted at April 6, 2010 PNB Meeting (Reiter)
Section 3 shall be amended to read: (10 min)
Members of an LSB who engage in violence, or threats of violence, against another person during a duly called meeting of the LSB shall be subject to immediate removal from the meeting at the discretion of the Chair, and shall also be subject to suspension from membership on the LSB . . . . . . . . .

h Uzzell motion to amend the Affiliate Structure motion passed April 24, 2010. (20 min)
Radford Motion to rescind the staff registry motion. (10 min)

i Steinberg moved that (10 min)
Whereas a request was made by mail on May 3, 2010 to the iGM of WBAI by a Director of the Pacifica National Board to present a contact list of WBAI staff so that they may be contacted in relation to the work of a committee of the WBAI Local Station Board,
Whereas as of this date, May 14, 2010, the requested list still has not been provided, nor any explanation as to why it has not been provided,
Be it resolved that the Pacifica National Board directs the Executive Director to order WBAI management to produce the requested list immediately. (10 min)

IV. New Business
a. Bediako Motion on local station board membership hardship waiver process
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Resolved, that the Pacifica National Board strongly urges all LSBs that do not have a hardship waiver process to rapidly create such a process with adequate time to publicize it so that listeners have time to apply before the membership record date of June 30 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
b. Wanzala Motion re Pacifica Election Supervisors
The controversy surrounding the appointment of the Local Election Supervisor for KPFK revolved around the question:
Do the bylaws allowa paid or unpaid staff member to resign and then apply for the LES jobor does there have to be
a three month period between when they resign and when they actually cease to be staff? Apparently, the latter view
has been the past practice, based on the theory that the Pacifica bylaws state that in order to *attain* staff status
one has to work 30 hours in the last three months.
Conversely, this theory holds, one also has to wait three months from the time one resigns as an unpaid staff member
to stop being unpaid staff. However, if you are *paid* staff, no such restrictions apply and you can quit one day and then
begin work as a LES or NES the next day. It should be noted that there is in fact no three month waiting period in the bylaws,
this hassimply been deemed by some to have been the 'intent' of those who wrote the bylaws.
Those supporting the view that unpaid staff should not be allowed to resign and then work as a LES have stressed
that the intent of the bylaws has been to create a 'firewall' between the NES' and the boards, staff, management etc.
so that they can run a fair and unbiased election. The problem with this view is that it means that anyone
with actual experience and knowledge about Pacifica (e.g. former unpaid staff members) would be automatically ineligible
while favoring people with no exposure to, or experience with Pacifica. It also ignores the reality that
several Pacifica election supervisors (indeed the better ones) have been staff members prior to becoming election supervisors.
In other words, the firewall theory is unrealistic, can lead to less than optimally run elections, and is prejudicial to unpaid staff.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Be it therefore resolved that, any Pacifica staff member, paid or unpaid, is eligible to be considered for the position of National or
Local Election Supervisor as long as they resign their position and status as a staff member in writing before taking the position if it
is offered to them.

Program Committee Motions:
1. The programming committee voted 8-1 to recommend the following motion to the PNB: (10 min)
"The PNB supports the ED putting into place the means of moving quickly to broadcast simultaneously on all five stations and as many affiliates as are willing to carry them, events of national interest consistent with our mission. Additional resources as needed should be put into stations that require them to make this possible. If an important event falls outside the signal areas of the five Pacifica stations, whenever possible, Pacifica will ask of its affiliates for assistance."
Committee members had the following concerns about this motion, which we agreed to convey to the PNB:
A. Who would choose the programming? Who makes these decisions?
B. Must-carry problem/ autonomy of stations
C. Funding issue. Where will these funds come from and where will they go to? And who decides?
D. This does not appear to be a good way to develop a national news department.
E. The broadcast team - does it vary broadcast to broadcast? Who decides who does the broadcast?
2. The programming Committee recommended the following policy to for PNB approval, and also that producers should sign off on this policy and receive a copy:
Pacifica Policy Statement on Criticizing the Foundation and/or Members of
Its Management or Staff on Our Own Airwaves

Pacifica recognizes that there will always be differences of opinion as to how our foundation should be run, as well as clashes between individual staff members or between members of staff and management.
We firmly believe . . . . . that Pacifica management should commit itself to hearing and evaluating all such criticism, no matter how unfavorable. However, as a practical matter, such criticism, if delivered publicly, on our own airwaves, by a member of Pacifica's own staff, can only serve to damage Pacifica's public image and the reputation of its staff.
Therefore, it is the express position of management that criticism of the foundation and/or its personnel should not be broadcast over our airwaves as a firststep, but only as a last resort. If a staff member has a personal grievance, or is aware of a danger to a station or to Pacifica itself that he or she feels is not being addressed properly, that staff member is encouraged to discuss the matter with management first through the normal channels provided for addressing such matters. Management has an open-door policy in this respect.
On the other hand, if after exhausting the normal grievance channels, a staff member still feels that he or she is not receiving justice, or that a perceived problem at the foundation is still not being properly addressed, then that staff member may, regrettably, have no other choice but to "go public" with the issue on Pacifica's own airwaves.
In such an eventuality, that staff member will have been transformed from a "critic" into a"whistleblower," and will be entitled to all the respect (and protection) such a designation requires.
However, we believe that the privilege of whistle blowing carries with it the responsibility of fairness. Therefore, if a staff member has finally reached the point at which he or she feels there is no other option than to use his or her program as a platform from which to criticize Pacifica, or its management, or its personnel, or to air internal Pacifica matters in a way that might negatively impact the reputation or public image of the foundation or its personnel, IT IS SUGGESTED THAT both the station manager and the foundation's Executive Director be notified of that planned broadcastat least 24 hours in advance.
(1) Potentially libelous statements, which could put the foundation at risk.
(2) Confidential employee information, which Pacifica is forbidden by law to broadcast.
(3) Privileged or proprietary information -- including but not limited to details about vendor contracts, financial matters, legal issues,
pending or ongoing lawsuits, or future programs and/or events whose premature disclosure might put the foundation at a competitive disadvantage.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                                  # # #

Audios from
Saturday November 6 Local Station Board

This was the first of the last 2 meetings of this board, before the seating of the new board.
     We can expect the Board to attempt to pass progressive policies & appointments.
             One item may be appointments to the Program Council

The meeting was taken up with * many comments from numerous people,
alarmed by false reports of a purge, in spite of information given since to the contrary
* .plus lengthy budget considerations,including a new version supposed to eliminate most of the cutbacks
Audios can be heard at
- scroll down to Pacifica National Board
                           KPFA Local Station Board
                          Saturday, October 16, 2010
Part 1 has most of the "anti-purge" comments from CL followers,
opposing comments - most opposing comments are at the end of Part 1
& beginning of Part 2

The pro-democratic majority had no majority at this meeting, with 3 members absent.
No work was done on the new Program Council.
The schedule for the next meeting does not appear to have time for this.

Audios from September 11 Local Station Board 
For contents:
   scroll down to
Recent Updates:
September KPFA LSB Meeting Agenda

Part 1
Opening tasks ; CAB report
(scroll down to
CAB report, Treasurer's report
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Audios from August 14 Local Station Board
For contents:
   scroll down to
Recent Updates:
August 2010 KPFA LSB Minutes

Part 1
(scroll down to date)
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Audios from the July 10 Local Station Board
from brian no-capitals shiratsuki, with (mostly) his content summaries

There was proposal for a Program Council & a long discussion of it;
it will be carried over to the next meeting.
The CL opposed it, even one who was formerly on it & another who
supported it in his campaign last year, as all candidates said they did!

 Chandra's proposal for management (to report significant changes to
expenditures to be reported to & approved by the LSB - see #4 -
generated another
discussion revealing the differences between CL's idea
of the role of the LSB in governance - very little - including fiscal irresponsibility
- and the democratic side.

See chart for slate affiliations

1 -
PUBLIC COMMENTS. five new CAB members.
2 -
treasurer pius's report. fund drive within delegate balloting period.
engaging with treasurer a low priority of KPFA management. recess. PNB
3 -
PNB report continued. associate station report. programming committee
report, Program Council proposal.
4 -
Program Council continued - motion postponed.
personnel committee - eleven GM candidates to interview come august. old
, other motions.

The June 5th meeting in San Mateo did not take place
because there was no quorum.

None of the Concerned Listeners attended the meeting,
and 3 ICR members were absent (Akhlaghi, Futran, & ?)

The CL has never wanted to attend meetings in outlying communities;
this was instituted by ICR and PR members. The CL did not want
monthly meetings either; now it seems 2 months have gone by without meetings.


Audios from the April 10 LSB meeting

The last Local Station Board meeting, Saturday April 10, featured
* the new iGM Ahmad Anderson introducing himself and his goals for KPFA
* The treasurer's assesssment of KPFA finances
* Formation of a GM Search Committee
* Election of new officers for the LSB
* Committees begin to form including the Programming Committee/ PROGRAM COUNCIL ! Members from the public will be sought afterwards.
* Community Advisory Board members will be sought!

Many people, mostly on the CL side, did not speak on mike, which interferes
with hearing parts of the meeting!

The next LSB meeting will skip May and be June 5th

AUDIOS - contents by brian s (lowercase) & myself
1 -
Absent: ICR: Sasha F., Sureya S.,
CL: Diane Enriquez, Warren Mar
first GM (albeit interim) report in some time - Ahmad Anderson
2 -
more iGM (including questions); next LSB meeting 5 june
3 -
third election, two new officers: chairman fest, (replaces Sasha Futran)
vice chairman drake [CL] (replaces Anthony F.)
General Manager Hiring Committee preliminary appointments.
4 -
public comments (2)
treasurer's report: KPFA could exhaust operating cash this summer
plus comments
5 -
Preliminary committee appointments
PNB members report - the PNB meets in-person this month at the sportsmen's lodge in burbank [go to for the audios]
CAB drops to the two vukani mawethu appointments; will implement relevant
PNB directive [to add members]
delegates underwhelmed by whistle-blower / ethics / 100% listener
satisfaction statements

On the committees: A start was made towards committee assignments.
This was a hopeful sign since most committees under the CL majority rule had gone inactive. Brian E-T and perhaps others tried to put this off saying various
policies needed to be instituted first, but this was not accepted. [See Tracy's comments about 1/3 of the way through.]
Committee assignments will be finalized at the next meeting, which will be Saturday June 10.
The committees are:
* Governance. It was suggested that this be the 4 officers. Oversee committees, LSB self evaluations.
* Personnel. The * General Manager Hiring Subcommittee is under this committee.
* Committee of Inclusion (COI). This will include the local member of the
Pacifica National Committee on Racism-Sexism-Discrimination
* Fundraising. Among other things, will contact members to renew.
* Programming Committee. Will send members to the Program Council and help restart it, after it was destroyed by the previous management. Will define its relationship to the Program Director. VERY HOPEFUL !
* Outreach. Townhalls and other contact with listeners.
* Technology.

The committees will be constituted at the next meeting, and will begin meeting.
Members of the public will be invited to join the committees (perhaps with 2 exceptions which require confidentiality).
The committees need listener members - can you join? Stay tuned!

Audios for March 7th meeting

Here are the audios from the LSB meeting Sunday March 7th.
Brian Shiratsuki (of LA?) records the meetings.
Jim Curtis of the northbay takes videos.
Les Radke said he was putting up a segment, of one of the fights
which took place at that meeting, on YouTube..
(I don't see it there yet.)

Brian's links, with his comments (no capitals!), plus some of mine:
actually, when i returned from lunch break someone reported siegel invited
phelps to step outside, but i haven't heard that part once yet (phelps
represents five members suing siegel for fraud, and served papers today).

the first file is mostly agreeing to an agenda; CL still wants an officer
election where all members may vote.

second includes the treasurer report;
linear extrapolation projects $750K pledges in 23 days against the
budgeted goal of $850K in 18 days; KPFA is already in the hole for 320K this
Also the report of the PNB delegates.
It ends with an incident of a member of the public and Warren Mar of the CL
hitting each other, Sureya Sayadi of the ICR protesting the event, and the chair
declaring a 10 minute break which carries over to segment 3.
During that break Dan Siegel asked Richard Phelps to "step outside" as noted above.

the 3d segment:
KFCF report
completion of the PNB report
the board spent some time debating brian e-t's motion supporting
confidential news sources, in response to a PNB motion by rosenberg relating
to [seeking the source of the biased News story of 3/5 on the GM's dismissal,
since it represents a leak from the LSB Executive Session of 1/11].

the fourth file [begins with a continuation of discussion and the vote on Brian's motion and]
includes public comment. [Recommended! - Mara]



    The KPFA community was invited to a signature gathering event.
     for Local Station Board candidates to gather signatures for their
    applications in support of their nomination as well as a chance for
            the community to become familiar with the candidates.

                           Wednesday July 14, 5:00 - 8:00 PM
                                      Expressions Gallery
                                 2035 Ashby Ave., Berkeley
    a half block from the Ashby BART, between Adeline and Shattuck
         There will be great company, a great art show, & refreshments!

              THERE IS STILL TIME  until 6:00 pm July 19th
                                      or call 510-250-2471.

   Current Gallery Show:              
"Art and Labor", a celebration of the 75th anniversary of the WPA
in collaboration with Labor Fest brings into focus the varied labor movements,
demonstrations, working conditions, struggles, and efforts to make work
and working conditions support our society and our people.
Work presented includes work by local and international artists
and some historical work and presentations

                                 <><><><><><><><><><>< ><><><><><><><>                   

The special event was a great rededication to true community progressive radio!


SUNDAY, JANUARY 24th, from 2-5 pm

-- a special event for KPFA only --

(This was a great chance to network with us/we who were there in 1999-2000 ! )

The exhibit ‘Taking Back KPFA ­ Images from 1999', currently on view at the Expressions Gallery until February 5, 2010, is a significant exhibit of art, prints,    photos,  original  posters, t-shirts, mugs and other memorabilia from 1999, commemorating the successful and historical resistance, by the staff and listener community,
to the lockout at KPFA and the struggle to save the Pacifica Network.
This battle saved KPFA and Pacifica and expanded the meaning of free speech community radio.
On Sunday, January 24, 2010, from 2:00- 5:00 pm, there will be a special event for the KPFA community.
You will have the opportunity to view, purchase, and bid on items on display from 1999, commemorating the 10th anniversary of the struggle, which took place in the station, on the streets, at the board meetings, in the legislature, and in the courts.
There will be silent auctions, with part of the proceeds donated to KPFA; refreshments, and short presentations from Barbara Lubin, Carol Spooner and Dennis Bernstein.

The KPFA exhibit is part of a larger show titled ‘Past, Present, and Future’.
The gallery is contributing 10% to KPFA of all sold art work, by the 30 other artists included in the show

Expressions Gallery, 2035 Ashby Ave. @ Adeline, Berkeley
                 (1/4 block from the Ashby BART)

   Gallery hours:    Wed-Sat noon – 5:00 pm, Sun noon - 3:00 pm

Site is wheelchair accessible *   *  510.644.4930

         -- Chandra Hauptman
I will post a link to the video of this event when available.
Meantime, check this site for more information on this
:  , Media page


Solidarity Meeting
                                  Defend Labor Rights At KPFA
                                           Stop Union Busting
                                      Defend Flashpoints Staff
                            Activist Programming Threatened!

                                            February 3, 2010 Wed 7:00 PM
                              522 Valencia St./16th St. San Francisco, CA

KPFA management has flagrantly violated the CWA 9415 union contract at radio station
KPFA by cutting the hours of Flashpoints staff without regard to the union contract. Nora
Barrows-Friedman had her hours cut 50% despite the fact that she has more seniority than
many other employees. In fact Assistant Manager Amelia Gonzalez admitted that they had
ignored the contract in layoffs and were consulting the union after the fact. Is this how
management operates at KPFA?
Panelists will also discuss how KPFA and Pacifica can again become an activist news and

information portal for the community in these critical times

Endorsed by
Labor Video Project
Peace and Freedom Party San Francisco
For Information call (415)282-1908

KPFA Flashpoints Producers Speak-Out
to Protest Attacks On Show 12/17/2009

Petition To Stop Union Busting:


The Pacifica National Board meeting of 1/29-31-2010

audios are on archives.

I have remoived the agenda but left the motions here.
Governance Committee Motions:-
Motion on Recalcitrant LSBs from the Governance Committee (followed
by substitute motions put forward by Leslie Radford and Susan Young)
Motion: (George Reiter) "At the request of the Chair of the PNB, and upon presentation of specific policies or directives that the chair declares an LSB is refusing to follow, the PNB,
after hearing from thedirectors of a station that is said to be refusing to implement PNB
policy or directives, shall be entitled, by a majority vote of the remaining directors, to deny voting rights to the directors from that station until such time as the policy or directives are followed.
These voting rights shall be reinstated upon certification by the chair that the policies or directives are being followed, or by a vote of the PNB when presented with a request from the affected LSB to do so, stating that they are now in compliance. Such vote shall be taken
as a first order of business in any meeting to which the request is made."
(Passed without objection)

I believe I will add: "and declaration by the Chair that reasonable attempts to obtain compliance
have failed", after "follow," in the third line, before I introduce it.

"In the instance that an LSB does not undertake an action mandated by the PNB, the PNB may
undertake the following progressive steps to resolution:
   1) The PNB should form a committee to investigate the situation, and if the situation is found to be
      that the LSB is operating outside of  the Mission and Bylaws of Pacifica, the PNB may issue a
        letter to the LSB requesting compliance, with a reasonable deadline, which may be
        the same as the deadline attached to the action, if desired.
   2) If the LSB does not meet that deadline, the PNB may authorize tha LSB's director delegation to
       mediate any impediments to reaching   compliance, and the PNB may impose a deadline to
       complete the mediation if desired.
   3) If the mediation is unsuccessful, the directors from the noncompliant LSB may be authorized to
       complete the PNB directive on behalf of their LSB to bring about compliance."
     --Leslie Radford

MOTION: Non-recognition of a Local Station Board.
The Pacifica National Board may pass a resolution of non-recognition
declaring a Local Station Board to not be a part of Pacifica Foundation's governance
and its acts to be void, including the election of Directors that may occur at the time
of this finding, and denying to that Local Station Board the use of Pacifica resources and
access to Pacifica private information.
A determination of non-recognition can only be made by:
(A) 55% vote of all Directors;
(B) a written finding that the seating of Delegates to that station
board is not proper;
and (C) following written notice of this finding to Local Station Board members
whose seating is deemed valid by the Pacifica National Board and a fifteen-day
opportunity to cure the improper seating.
The non-recognition will be terminated upon the vote of 55% of Directors
that the proper seating has been accomplished.

       Comments: This is my effort to wrap a resolution around Ricardo's
       musings. I have also suggested written grounds, procedure and vote
       (55% to declare or release the declaration of non-recognition) . Note
       that Directors are not seated when they are the subject of the
       resolution of non-recognition but are not removed pursuant to this
       non-recognition resolution subsequent to their valid seating (except
       as provided in the bylaws).

Community Advisory Boards
The Pacifica Foundation is a current Corporation for Public Broadcasting grantee.
The Communications Act of 1934, 47 U.S.C. 396, et seq., dictates requirements for
Community Advisory Boards ("CABs") for Public Broadcasting grantees
and for a more
detailed discussion). "Each station is encouraged to fashion its own maximum
involvement of the community beyond the minimum requirements. It is the CPB's
position that only through enthusiastic and vigorous efforts can the intent of the
Congress, as reflected in the law, be fully realized."

Resolution re Pacifica Community Advisory Boards: -
Be it resolved that the LSB's as committees of the Pacifica National Board
shall form Community Advisory Boards ("CABs") pursuant to this resolution.

LSBs should consult the CPB guidelines for further guidance on related matters not directly
addressed in this resolution:
The station management shall produce a document stating programming
goals for the station and submit it to the CAB for review no later
than May of each year. The CAB shall also conduct a community needs
assessment ("CNA").
The CAB will prepare a report, based on the CNA, advising the
governing body of the station on whether the programming and other
policies of the station are meeting the specialized educational and
cultural needs of the communities served by the station and whether
the station is meeting its programming goals. This report and the
CNA shall be presented to the LSB no later than October of each year.
The LSB and CAB should coordinate their schedules to ensure that the
CAB members, or designated representatives from that body, may
present this report to the LSB, and discuss its findings, during a
regularly scheduled or special meeting of the LSB.
Each LSB may delegate other responsibilities to the advisory board to
assist the governing board or station personnel. However, the law
states: "In no case shall the [community advisory board] have any
authority to exercise any control over the daily management or
operation of the station."

General Managers, as non-voting members of the LSBs, may work with
the LSBs on the implementation of this resolution. In addition, the
General Manager will act as the liason between the CAB and the
station and will make available such resources to the CAB as are
reasonably necessary in order for the CAB to carry out its duties.
All compliance documentation submitted to the CPB shall be made
available for inspection at each station and at the Pacifica national
office. The CAB's schedule of meetings, meeting minutes, and the
names and short biographies of the CAB members shall be posted on the
station website.

The CAB of each station shall comprise minimum of 4 members and a
maximum of 24 members. Nominations to the CAB are invited from
community groups, educational and cultural institutions, past and present CAB
members, LSBs and individual candidates.
Individuals may also self-nominate.
The LSB makes its appointments to the CAB from the group of nominees
using the single transferable vote ("STV") preferential voting system, for a term of three years.
CAB members may serve no more than two (2) consecutive three-year terms.
CAB members need not be members of the Pacifica Foundation.
LSB members may not serve on the CAB.

This policy will go into effect in February 2010 and the LSB's shall
ensure that new CABs are in place by May of 2010 All current CAB
members may remain on the board while new members are added under
this new Pacifica policy. Current CAB members shall be subject to the
same term limit restrictions as new members. Stations are encouraged
to develop materials on their websites to educate community members
about the purpose and role of the CABs. See for example:
(see for CAB nomination
form exemplar)

Motion: National Events and Outreach
I propose that we put in place the means of moving quickly to
broadcast network wide progressive events of national interest, such
as the rally for single payer health care in DC last July, and the
national protests of the war in Afghanistan that is coming up in
March. I am thinking of live broadcasts, simultaneously on all five
stations and as many affiliates as are willing to carry them. Perhaps
two hours in duration, live speeches, commentary and background.
These events typically involve at least several progressive
organizations, who can be asked and expected to promote the
broadcasts to their membership, many of whom will not have heard of
Pacifica. The signals on the affiliates will also bring an awareness
of Pacifica to audiences we can't reach otherwise who can access our
regular programming on the internet if they choose. The location
could be anywhere we have the facilities to broadcast from, but I
would expect DC to be a primary source, and we should put the
resources in there to make this routinely possible . George Reiter

Motion on Funding Disclosure Passed 5-4 no abstentions.
All programmers, program providers, collectives, and/or independent
production companies who have a program at any station of the Pacifica
Network and which receive outside (i.e. non-Pacifica) funding from any
source in excess of $5000 per year for the production of their program
will be asked to disclose to the GM of their respective station the
source of that funding, the amounts of money received or promised,
and any contractual or grant agreements related to that funding for
that current year.
The GM shall forthwith report that information to the Pacifica Executive
Director who shall hold such information in trust as a public record.
Any programmer, program provider, program collective and/or independent
production company whose program is syndicated or shared by more than
one Pacifica station and who receives outside funding from any source in
excess of $5000 per year for the production of their program will be asked to
disclose to the Pacifica ED the source of that funding, the amounts of
money received or promised and any contractual or grant agreements
related to that funding for that current year. The ED shall hold that
information in trust as a public record.
In the case of a programmer whose outside funding is in excess of
$25,000 for the current year, such disclosure should be for a period of
not less than three years prior to the date of the passage of this
motion by the Pacifica National Board, provided they have been a
programmer or program provider for that period.
Any waiver to this requirement must have the written consent of the GM
of the respective station, and the ratification of that consent by the
respective LSB, such as in the case of a purchased or syndicated program
where compliance is not practical, or the written consent of the ED and
the ratification of that consent by the PNB when appropriate in the case
of a program aired on more than one Pacifica station.

Unfinished Business:
Motion by Ross (on behalf of KPFK LSB) to ensure the collaborative
processes enshrined in National Programming Policy
passed by the KPFK
Local Station Board without objection: We urge the PNB to ensure
compliance with the letter and spirit of the collaborative process
between governance and management throughout the network 'in the
development of any new regular program or long-term series that is
produced nationally;" and further, which mandates that nay such
proposals "shall be brought to the PNB Programming Committee for
review to assure that both network and local needs are met."
(5 Min.)

Motion by Radford (on behalf of KPFK LSB) to initiate discussion on
re-structuring and the recruitment and training of volunteer
passed by the KPFK Local Station Board without objection
4/21/09: In light of the current financial crisis and the Pacifica
networks' identify as community radio, and to conform specifically
with Article 5.0 (New Voices) of the National Program Policy adopted
in 2006, the KPFK LSB submits the following motion to the PNB: In
accordance with Article 5.0 of the National Program Policy, which
calls on stations to train current a new volunteers in order to bring
new voices to the air, every station shall initiate discussions
regarding the role of paid producers and volunteer staff and initiate
programs to recruit and train community volunteer programmers.
(5 Min.)
          The following substitute wording was agreed on by the KPFK LSB:
          Tha working groups be created at every station to initiate discussions on
          re-structuring, especially the role of paid producers and volunteer staff and
          to initiate training for programming by communi volunteers.
          Passed by KPFK LSB 9-19-09 8-7-?

Motion by Wanzala: Resolved that LSBs, GMs and PDs present the
reports requested in the motion passed by the PNB on April 27, 2009
regarding the bylaws provision of collaborative programming decision
making no later than August 30, 2009.
(5 Min.)

Motion by Radford: I would like to request 50 minutes on the agenda
for this and subsequent in-person meetings and the 25 minutes on the
agenda of one meeting of the PNB per month for reports from five
committees we never formally hear from: the Local Station Boards.
Until the financial crunch, the PNB brought all the LSB Chairs and
station managers to the in-person meetings. Since we stopped that
practice, we only hear from the LSBs through their directors when
there is a crisis. At our LSB meetings, the directors routinely
report back, and maybe that is happening at other stations. But there
is no open and regular conduit for communication from the LSBs to the
PNB. I think we should honor the work of the LSBs with time to
receive and acknowledge their labor and ideas for Pacifica.

New Business
Create a Committee for Conflict Resolution within the PNB - Ricco Ross (10 Min.)

                 See the Election 2009 page
            for results of the November  election

Audios of all candidate on air forums archived here
Complete list of candidate in person forums
is down here
a few available on audio, below the poster

LSB members' slate affiliations (alphabetical order by first name)
         alt = alternate    * = elected or reelected 2009
*Akio Tanaka     Secretary   ICR
*Andrea Pritchett               Independents for Community Radio
*Andrea Turner                   Concerned Listeners (CL)
*Banafsheh Akhlaghi        ICR   10/10 replaced by Richard Phelps, below
*Conn Hallinan                   CL
Chandra Hauptman           ICR
*Dan Siegel 
[Diane Enriquez - resigned]  CL
*Henry Norr                     ICR
Joe Wanzala                     ICR
*alt 1, now seated John Van Eyck  
Matthew Hallinan   
*Pamela Drake      Vice Chair           CL
*Sasha Futran                 ICR
Sherry Gendelman           CL
Tracy Rosenberg             ICR  
Sureya Sayadi                 ICR
Susan McDonough            CL
Warren Mar                        CL
alt 2 Richard Phelps         PR
alt 3 Rahman Jamaal McCreadie    ICR
alt 4 Donald Goldmacher     CL

*Simon Pius, not elected     Treasurer

Staff representatives    votes with ICR   votes with CL
Shahram Aghamir
Naji Ali
*Anthony Fest       Chair

Brian Edwards-Tiekert
*Renee Yang Geesler
*Laura Prives              

Rych Withers   KFCF Rep (votes with CL)

Latest on air forums - 3d series !    
For a complete schedule with archived  audios of all
                                                    see below

Third series of on air forums:   Week of October 5th - 10th 
       M - F  evenings from 7 - 8 pm
+ Saturday am 9-10
On Air Forums are a good way to learn about the candidates.

They answer important questions & dialog so you can compare them.
For their slate affiliations, see the alphabetical list above

3d ON-AIR FORUM (over 1 week)
                                                                  listen on the archives:
Monday October 5th  7-8pm

Jim Weber, Ann Hallatt, Stan Woods, Pamela Drake, Jaime Cader

Tuesday October 6th  7-8pm
Virginia Rodriguez, Henry Norr, Akio Tanaka

Wednesday October 7th  7-8pm
Lara Kiswani, Sasha Futran, Gerald Sanders

Thursday October 8th  7-8pm
Steve Zeltzer, Mark Hernandez, Richard Phelps, Shara Esbenshade, Adam Hudson

Candidate order for dates not yet tentative
Friday October 9th   7-8pm                 n/a - KPFA archives were down
Jack Kurzweil, John Van Eyck, Judith Gips, Dan Siegel, Andrea Pritchett

Saturday October 10th  in the morning, 9-10am      n/a - KPFA archives were down
Andrea Turner, Rahman Jamaal McCreadie, Jim Curtis, Conn Hallinan
[Don Goldmacher?, Mike Smith?, Banafsheh Akhlaghi?]                                               

2nd series of ON AIR Candidate FORUMS   

                                               Sunday September 20th,  6:30 - 9:3o pm
                                              &  Sunday September 27th,  6:30 - 9:30 pm
       BROADCAST LIVE ON KPFA (94.1 fm) - each hour 4 or 5 candidates
discussed important questions and listener called in questions were addressed.
Listen:   archived at the links below-
2 sets: One set at KPFA archives, by the hour (one exception) - see with listings below 
 Or go to , click Election bar, to go to http://kpfaelection2009
 This site has audios by the 1/2 hour, & lists the procedures & some of the questions asked

ON-AIR FORUM (over 2 Sundays)
Sunday September 20th
        Hear on the KPFA archives: 

Akio Tanaka, Jim Weber, Stan Woods, Steve Zeltzer

Judith Gips, Dan Siegel, Rahman Jamaal McCreadie, Jaime Cader

8:30-9:30pm           1st half                
2nd half  
Jim Curtis, John Van Eyck, Ann Hallatt, Henry Norr

Sunday September 27th
Shara Esbenshade, Conn Hallinan, Sasha Futran, Virginia Rodriguez

Donald Goldmacher, Adam Hudson, Gerald Sanders

Pamela Drake, Richard Phelps, Andrea Prichett, Jack Kurzweil
Did not participate either day:
Banafsheh Akhlaghi, Lara Kiswani, Mark Hernandez, Mike Smith,
Andrea Turner [dropped out: Evelyn Sanchez]

If you couldn't listen live or want to review it, you can hear these sessions now at
 August 22nd
KPFA Local Station Board Election First Candidate Forum 2009
or at links below

Dan Siegel    CL (Concerned Listeners)
Mark Hernandez    CL
Richard Phelps    PR (People's Radio)
Akio Tanaka   ICR  (Independents for Community Radio Radio)
[Banafshed Akhlaghi    ICR] not present
              moderator: Renee Asteria        Listen to hour 1

1-2 pm
Shara Esbenshade   ICR
Rahman Jamal McCreadie  ICR
Stan Woods    PR
Donald Goldmacher   CL
[Jack Kurzweil   CL] 4-5 pm
               moderator: Kris Welsh         Listen to hour 2

2-3 pm
Jim Curtis       PR
Sasha Futran   ICR
Con Hallinan    CL
John Van Eyck   CL
[Mary Prophet  ICR] withdrew
             moderator: Joy Moore         Listen to hour 3

3-4 pm
Annie Hallatt     unaligned?
Mike Smith    CL
Jim Weber     unaligned
Gerald Sanders  PR
Judith Gips     unaligned
             moderator: Joy Moore             Listen to hour 4

4-5 pm
Jack Kurzweil   CL
Andrea Turner    CL
Jaime Cader      VFJ (Voices for Justice)
Henry Norr    ICR
[Lara Kiswani   ICR] did not appear
[Evelyn Sanchez   ICR] did not appear
               moderator: Gregg McVicar          Listen to hour 5

5-6 pm
Andrea Prichet     ICR
Adam Hudson     ICR
Pamela Drake       CL
Virginia Rodriguez     CL
Steve Zeltzer     VFJ
                 moderator: Gregg McVicar        Listen to hour 6


        See the list of in person candidate events at

Visit People's Radio at this event !

                          The Petaluma Progressives
12th Annual
      2009 Progressive Festival

    Sunday, September 20th, 12-5pm
   Walnut Park, Petaluma Blvd South and D Street,                        
downtown Petaluma
(directions below)
                                                         Free to the public
 Featuring The San Francisco Mime Troupe's 50th Anniversary performance
                           This year's song & dance production, Too Big To Fail,
                                is about the greed exploits of Wall Street - at 3:00

                  Speakers on vital issues of our time include:
Antonia Juhasz, author of The Tyranny of Oil, and other books; 
Michael Parenti, author, one of the nation?s leading progressive political analysts;
Peter Phillips, SSU Professor and
Director of Project Censored;
Cris Osequera, Director of Youth Green Jobs, Sonoma Co.;
George Bisharat, Hastings College of Law Professor;
Carl Patrick, of local social justice group IMPACT;
David Keller, Sonoma Co. environmental expert;
Raquel Gomez and Oscar Orozco, update on immigrant rights campaign;
Argelio Giron, MEChA National Coordinating Council member;
Chari Davidson on Prop. 8 and marriage equality.

          Folk singer/songwriter Steve Seskin, will entertain with songs and wit;
                      4:15  Sahaj band will provide the heartbeat rhythms of reggae.

   Tamales, rice, beans, other goodies and drinks will be available for purchase.

Many social justice, environmental, labor, and community organizations with informational booths are
the core of the Festival. They will continue the Festival's tradition of a lively exchange of ideas and
the chance to network with progressives who are taking action in many arenas.

The event is produced by the Petaluma Progressives and is sponsored by KPFA 94.1 FM (, the Peace & Justice Center
of Sonoma County, The Bohemian ( and the Committee for Immigrant Rights (,
Sonoma County (



The 2nd Fair Elections Forum
will be Sunday May 18,
2:00 to 6:00 pm,
again at the N. Berkeley Senior Center

This is a followup to the April 6th Forum - see just below - where we will continue

seeking solutions to the Pacifica crisis and deciding how to implement them.

Please come if you attended the first forum; we will take off from the work done in
the small groups.

Please also come if you missed the April 6th event! You can get information and help
further the work.

We will again have speakers, small groups, food, and this time, an informal get together at the end.

                                                FOLLOW UP TO APRIL 6th FORUM
          Crisis at KPFA & Pacifica
                                             Sunday May 18th,  2007,   2:00–6:00 pm

Again at North Berkeley Senior Center
                  1901 Hearst Avenue at Martin Luther King Way, across from KPFA.
                   close to Berkeley BART. AC Transit buses 15, 43, 5

* Recent elections corrupted & sabotaged
*Interim Management consolidates power & extends regime; downgrades elected

station board, Program Council & volunteer staff organization; gags staff forum and
stalls General Manager selection
* Pacifica finances falter, fundraising replaces free speech & peace mission
*Other community radio programming & staff issues (more on other side?

What happened to democracy, transparency & accountability?

Come to this FORUM to hear and discuss

We had a great Forum on Sunday April 6 – almost 100 people attended
Let’s continue working toward solutions!
If you attended the first forum, help continue the work started in your group.
If you didn’t make it, come this time!

Three Speakers:
Joy Moore: The downgrading of the Program Council to “advisory” only
Adrienne Lauby: The derecognition of the Unpaid Staff Organization (UPSO)
Richard Phelps: Transparency vs. the use of “confidentiality” within the network

Small group strategizing/proposals for actions/Your questions and input
Small groups were/are: Programming, Governance (including Program Council),
Finances, Elections

Stay for food , drink, & socializing!

donations accepted * FOOD available * Wheelchair accessible
More information available at

Event Sponsored and Endorsed by: KPFA Fair Elections Committee, Coalition for a democratic Pacifica (CdP),
Peoples Radio, Voices for Justice, the Media Alliance, Peace & Freedom Party of Alameda County, SF Green Party,
TUC Radio, May 1st Coalition of SF, Current and former KPFA Station Board members: Tracy Rosenberg,
Sureya Sayadi, Akio Tanaka, Henry Norr, Richard Phelps, Stan Woods, LaVarn Williams, Maria Gilardin,
Anthony Fest, Attila Nagy, Gerald Sanders 

      * See below
for a partial report including AUDIOS of this event

               a Fair Elections Committee Forum  
                    2007Crisis at KPFA & Pacifica

               Sunday April 6 from 2:00 to 6:00 pm

                                               North Berkeley Senior Center
                     1901 Hearst Avenue at Martin Luther King Way, across from KPFA.
                                 close to Berkeley BART. AC Transit buses 15, 43, 51

* Recent elections corrupted & sabotaged
* Interim Management consolidates power & extends regime;
downgrades elected station board, Program Council & volunteer staff
organization; gags staff forum and stalls General Manager selection
* Pacifica finances falter, fundraising replaces free speech & peace
* Other community radio programming & staff issues (more issues below)

What happened to democracy, transparency & accountability?

Come to a FORUM to hear and discuss
News & Views of the KPFA/Pacifica Crisis
Listener & staff speakers and panel discussions, including:
LaVarn Williams, 
former LSB/PNB member & Finance Committee Chair
Richard Phelps,  
LSB chair 10-05 to 12-06; former AM & FM announcer
Steve Zeltzer, 
KPFA Labor Collective member; producer, Labor Video Project
Les Radke,  Coalition for a democratic Pacifica; former Nat’l Election Supervisor
Joe Wanzala,  Local Station Board & Pacifica National Board member
Maria Gilardin,  TUC radio; former KPFA staff & board member; Take Back KPFA
And other speakers from KPFA staff

Small group strategizing/proposals for actions/
        Your questions and input

FREE/donations accepted *FOOD available *Wheelchair accessible

More information available at
                                                     & here at
Event Sponsored and Endorsed by:
KPFA Fair Elections Committee, Coalition for a democratic Pacifica (CdP), Peoples Radio,
Voices for Justice, Media Alliance, Oakland Tenents' Union, Peace & Freedom Party of
Alameda County, SF Green Party, TUC Radio, May 1st Coalition of SF
Current and former KPFA Station Board members:
Tracy Rosenberg, Sureya Sayadi, Akio Tanaka, Henry Norr, LaVarn Williams, Richard
Phelps, Stan Woods, Maria Gilardin, Attila Nagy,
Gerald Sanders

Highlights of Pacifica/KPFA Crisis
• Former election supervisor Les Radke called the recent board election the worst he’s
seen in bylaws and fair elections violations.

• Pacifica interim Executive Director (iED) Dan Siegel illegally advised listeners not to vote
for one KPFA candidate slate; a popular programmer used station facilities to lobby for the
pro-management slate; he and management ignored the election supervisors’ remedies for
this violation; management blocked and censored timely candidate information on the air
and website.

• The interim General Manager Lemlem Rijio decertified the Unpaid Staff Organization, right
before the Board election, compromising the volunteer staff voting list.

• Shared program decision making declared irrelevant: The Interim Program Director (iPD)
Sasha Lilley reduced the Program Council (PC) to advisory status, selected new programs
without PC evaluation and input; hired then summarily fired a program host, ignoring the
PC and alternative suggestions.

• Pacifica’s New York station is unable to fulfill its fund drives, is heavily and increasingly
in debt, and is drawing funds from KPFA and the other stations to meet its expenses, potentially
threatening the entire foundation.

• Yet the iED blocked Directors from examining the books, violating the Bylawsand state
law, although a previous protracted struggle had re-affirmed Directors’ inspection right.

• The KPFA General Manager Search Committee & Local Station Board, after two years
of work found and recommended only a single available but eminently qualified candidate,
but is now required by the interim Executive Director to begin a second search – thereby
extending KPFA’s unpopular interim management

• The Gag Rule is back – the March 21 forum by staff, community organizers and media
activists was prevented from being broadcast, at the last minute, by management, which
also forbad them to speak about it.

• KPFA membership has declined as volunteer, community based public affairs and art
programming and the Folio have been replaced by ”Healthy Station” NPR model program
grid of “professional” sound and 65%music.

                            (for more details go to Current Issues pages)

This is just a sampling of recent problems which taken together
point to an ongoing attempt to circumvent the democratic governance
hard-won after the attempted 1990’s takeover by forces hostile to the
mission of progressive community radio.
The bylaws and democratic institutions of the network are all under
attack by the current administration, and power cliques at the stations
are not being controlled in the interests of democracy, transparency,
and accountability.

We need to stop this trend and reclaim our station and network again
as we did before. You can help!

*See below next announcement `````


report: program & AUDIOS

Crisis At KPFA & Pacifica Forum

The mission of this forum is to educate/inform KPFA/Pacifica listeners about actions by KPFA
management, some staff and some board members that are undermining the mission and possibly
the future existence of KPFA and Pacifica eight years after the "Movement to Save KPFA." This
forum is not a debate. Selected speakers will present the situation and people will meet in small
action groups to propose remedies.
2:00 FORUM overview

2:07-2:55 First Panel of Speakers:
Richard Phelps, Anthony Fest (KPFA newscaster),
LaVarn Williams, Les Radke

2:55-3:00 Short Break
3:00-3:50 Second Panel of Speakers:
Lisa Dettmer (KPFA co-host of Women's Magazine),
Steve Zeltzer, Maria Gilardin

3:50-4:05 Small Groups assemble
4:05-5:00 Small Group discussions
5:00-5:10 Small Group summations and preparation for report-back
5:10-5:20 Short Break

5:20 Reconvene as one body
5:22-5:40 Report-backs from each small group
5:40-6:25 Open mike for comments, announcements

6:25-6:30 Closing statement
6:30-6:59 Clean Up and Exit**Hear AUDIOS of this Forum**


: For participants who agree there’s a crisis at KPFA and Pacifica to strategize and come
up with proposals for action

• Choose and participate in one of five groups as follows
(tables will have signs designating the groups):
1. Programming
2. Station Governance (incl. Program Council)
3. Network Governance
4. Finances
5. Elections

• Groups should be no larger than 20 so everyone gets a chance to contribute. If your group is
more than 20, split up into two.

• Talk and strategize about your subject matter area and what to do about them; questions about
what the speakers talked about and ideas they put forward may be discussed, strategic ideas and
proposals to move forward; look at the following ways to focus on the area:
1. Strategy
2. Outreach
3. Literature
4. Demands (petitioning, meeting with people, etc.)
5. Watchdogs (documenting, tracking, etc.)
6. Actions (next forum/debate, other actions)

• Each group will have an assigned facilitator whose role is to draw people out and engage them in
dialogue. Each group will choose 1) a scribe who will write down proposals on large paper to be
taped in front of room at re-group, 2) a time-keeper (each group will determine how much time
each participant can speak at any one time; recommendation is no more than 2-minutes per speaker
at a time), and 3) a presenter at the re-group to present the proposals in a 3-minute sum-up

• The panelists will divide themselves among the small groups

• Time breakdown: 55-minutes open discussion, 10-minutes wrap up and preparation for report
back to whole group

The People's Voice Town Hall:
A Forum for Self-Determination

This event took place as scheduled but KPFA
Management prevented the
broadcast shortly before it occurred.

The event was recorded for later rebroadcast & the rebroadcasts are now set for
4/11 at 7-8 pm for Part 1 (no advance announcement) & 4/18 at 7-8 pm Part 2.
It was specified that the rebroadcast would be edited. We fear that criticism of

KPFA's management & their supporters on the Local Station Board (LSB) will be
edited out ("the Gag Rule").
We'll see! 
You'll be able to hear these programs on the KPFA Archives, if you can't hear the

broadcast.  Look for them by date and time or under Full Circle at:

Community media event by KPFA staff, Media Alliance, & others, in
Fruitvale, will be broadcast live on KPFA next Friday pm.
There will be some information on the unpaid staff situation at
KPFA, as well.

Friday March 21 **** 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
EastSide Arts Alliance
2277 International Boulevard, Oakland, CA
& on KPFA 94.1 FM :
Collaborative LIVE Broadcast
from 5-6pm and 7pm-10pm.

Interactive discussion of community expression, new technology and
economics, and the future of the Pacifica network.
Hear from KPFA staff & others on their situation.

* with First Voice, KPFA's training and production collective, the
Block Report, Flashpoints, La Onda Bajita, Apex Express, the KPFA
Unpaid Staff Organization (still de-recognized), the San Francisco
BayView newspaper, Media Alliance and YOU!

Past Candidate Events on audio, 2007 LSB election
On air Candidate forums
-- Listen on the archives s  Schedule of candidates:
Monday October 8, 2007
8pm - 10pm  

[not in order]

Steven Conley
Sherry Gendelman
Chandra Hauptman
Tracy Rosenberg
Paul Robins
Joe Wanzala
Jim Weber
Stan Woods
Steve Zeltzer

Monday October 15  

8pm - 9pm
Attila Nagy
Sureya Sayadi
CC Campbell-Rock
John Van Eyck
Dianne Enriquez
Warren Mar
Dave Heller
Susan McDonough
Antonio Medrano
Mara Rivera
Richard Phelps
Gerald Sanders
10pm- 10:30 pm
Matthew Hallinan
Carl Bryant
Bob English Saturday November 3
10am - 11am 

1. Attila Nagy
2. Sureya Sayadi
4. John Van Eyck
5. Warren Mar
6. Carl Bryant
10. Antonio Medrano

11am - 12pm
3. C.C Campbell Rock
7. Mara Rivera
8. David Heller
9. Gerald Sanders
11. Richard Phelps 
[ 12. Susan Mc Donough] 
Saturday November 10, 2007
10am - 11am

13. Joe Wanzala
14. Stan Woods
15. Steve Zeltzer (to call in)
16. Dianne Enriquez
17. Sherry Gendelman
18. Matthew Hallinan

11am - 12pm
19.Tracy Rosenburg
20. Paul Robins
21. Chandra Hauptman
22. Bob English
23. Jim Weber
24. Steven Conley

November 4, 2007, 7 pm - Live Meet the Candidates Forum (see below)



                                 We plan to table in front of and pass out flyers at the

                                  SF Green Festival

                             Saturday November 10th & Sunday the 11th

Just a few highlights;
                               Friday 9th 4 pm --Antonia Juhasz - - Ending Wars for Oil

                      Saturday noon --Biggs, Danaher, Mark -- Building the /Green Economy
                                  Sunday 1 pm -- Amy Goodman--Bush & the Media
                        3 pm --Chris Daly & Ross Mirkarimi-- Sustainable San Francisco:
                                                             Past & Future

                          5 pm --Medea Benjamin-- the Peace Movement: New Strategy



People's Radio will have a table at this event:
Please visit us there!

        10th Annual Petaluma ProgressiveFestival

                                                    September 30 -- Noon
          Walnut Park, Petaluma Blvd. South & D Street, Petaluma

                                                                 *See directions below

                           The Petaluma Progressive Festival marks its 10th anniversary
                                                           with the return of the award-winning
                                 San Francisco Mime Troupe's play, Making a Killing.

                                          Jim Hightower
, national radio commentator and world-renowned author,
                            will top a program of music, speakers, and booths by social justice, environmental, labor,
                                                                   and community organizations.

       * There will be a forum on immigrant rights with Renee Saucedo, Organizer with La Raza
         Centro Legal; Arnoldo Garcia, National Network for Immigration & Refugee Rights;
         and Davin Cardenas, Committee for Immigrant Rights, Sonoma County.

      * Other speakers include Richard Heinberg, "Peak Oil" author/activist;
         Ben Terry, Sonoma County NAACP president;
        Clean Money campaign reform activist Danny Medress;
         and speakers on the US Foreign Policy, Living Wage, Cop Watch, Universal Health Care,
         and more.

        There will be Norteño and Cumbia dance music by "Groupo AL3"
         plus the 30 voice youth SPACE Freedom Choir.

          The many tables of political and cultural groups from throughout the Bay Area are the
               core of the Festival. They will continue the tradition of a chance to network and make
                                        connections with progressive activists.

                            Tamales and other food and beverages will be available for purchase.

                 The event is free, wheel chair accessible and there will be free secure valet bicycle parking.
                                               Donations benefit several nonprofit organizations.

                                 * DIRECTIONS *
From San Francisco and points south - Take 101 North, get off at the Petaluma Blvd
South exit, and go straight for about two miles.
Walnut Park will be on your left, at the corner of D Street and Petaluma Blvd., right in

downtown Petaluma.
From Santa Rosa and points north -
Take 101 South, get off at the Petaluma Blvd. North exit.
Turn right at the light and go about two miles, through downtown Petaluma to D Street.
Walnut Park is at the corner of Petaluma Blvd and D St., on your right.
Parking - There is parking on the streets surrounding the park, or at the public parking

facility on C Street, between 1st and 2nd St.

        Sponsored by KPFA 94.1 FM, the Peace & Justice Center of Sonoma County,
                    and The Committee for Immigrant Rights, Sonoma County.
                                 Produced by the Petaluma Progressives

                                To reserve booth space, call 707.763.8134.

               More information at http://progressive